by Abhay B '20

Farewell Michael Vlahovic!

MichaelMichael Vlahovic, a temporary member of BSGE’s staff, is now leaving our school. He stayed at BSGE for over a month and was an assistant to Mr. Rajiv, the French teacher. He is in a Teacher Certification Program and is training to be a French teacher. As a requirement in the program, he was required to do “fieldwork,” which in this case was getting hands-on experience in a school. Upon being asked why he chose BSGE for his fieldwork, he said “I was interested in seeing classes that were taught by good teachers and exceptional students.” When asked what he will do once he leaves BSGE, he said that he will complete the Certification Program and then go on to find a position of his own as a French teacher. During his time at BSGE, students have enjoyed his company and believe he has done well as a French teacher. “He came in at the express interest of becoming a French teacher” says French teacher Mr. Rajiv, “and he decided to come and train as a French teacher.” He worked in Mr. Rajiv’s room, helping out with small things and sometimes taking over full lessons. He had been praised by both students and teachers on how supportive and helpful he is. “He helped out with written assignments and class work, so when Mr. Rajiv is working with other students, [he] would come around to others so it’s double the help,” according to Andrea V ‘19. Outside the classroom, Mr. Vlahovic is a multitalented person who is fluent in several languages and very well-traveled. He was born in California and learned to be fluent in French while in college and also had the opportunity to travel to France. He has also also been to Africa, the French Caribbean, and China. When he came back to the US, he received a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, which relates to language learning and teaching. We will miss Mr. Vlahovic after he leaves BSGE and we hope he is successful with his future endeavors.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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