by Lydia S '15

Goodbye Class of 2015

To give one last final goodbye to BSGE’s Class of 2015, The Bacc Rag collected quotes from seniors about their final thoughts and feelings on graduating from BSGE, and a few teachers on their closing comments to the seniors. 

“Bittersweet, I am looking forward to my future but I cannot help but feel sad about leaving the people I grew up with and walking away from the homey environment I grew up in.” – Sarfi Chowdhury

“I’m really excited about graduating. I feel as if this is the time were my life is actually going to start- basically I’m going to be able to venture out and experience new things that I weren’t able to experience in bsge. I honestly think I’m going to miss the staff because I formed good relationships with many of them. I’m definitely not going to miss staying up all night completing assignments for IB.” – Ajile Sullivan

“Okay I remember the first day of BSGE was kinda like scary, I remember Ms. J saying we all have to shut off our phones or else she or any teachers would take them, and I remember they were placing everyone in their streams and I remember everyone in our stream, 7-2 kind of all just had the same look on their face of like what the hell is going on when we went from Ms. J’s really scary “this is BSGE” to Mr. Giraldo’s very vibrant Buenos Dias. I think that’s the first time we all connected as a class, that first moment cause we all realized we were all just as confused with the dynamics in the school.” – Briana Spariosu

“Over the past 6 years, in BSGE I have gotten to know grades older and younger then me and so I had always felt this sense of community. Although sometimes it is terrible to be trapped with the same group of kids for 6 years I believe that in the end it is almost all positive results. Approaching colleges and being exposed to other high schools, I have truly began to appreciate and won’t forget the great community the BSGE faculty students and others have helped to build. Everyone knows each other and to a sense we are as Ms. J says… “A Family”. I feel as though even when we branch out and continue our lives, these years that we got to spend with each other are years we will never forget and this sense of family will never leave us. You can take a student out of BSGE but u can never take the close knit community experience BSGE had to offer away from him/her.” – Max Fischman

“Oh that’s tough like part of me is really excited to move on but another part of me is really sad since we’ve all spent so much time here. I know we all joke about how much we hate this place but I know I’m really gonna miss everybody.” – Alannah Reilly

“I made tons of friends here. I’ll always remember starting junior year by riding shotgun in my friend Eric Jenkeleit’s car, and now look at us… We’re going to Dirty Albs together and we’re going to be roommates. I’m really looking forward to what the future has in store for me, but I’m going to miss BSGE.” – Emir Omeragic

“There were moments, specifically in the period of studying for IB exams, where I hated being at BSGE… But now that I’m graduating, I am so thankful for all the friends I’ve made here, the staff who treated me like family, the rigorous curriculum that will give me an advantage in college and for BSGE being my second home for the past 6 years.” – Derek Chu

“I guess I’m thankful for the work ethic BSGE has inspired. I think I’ve become a better person because of the education provided and unique perspectives, and interesting people. Besides the people, the other thing that makes me sad is losing the comfort of familiarity, of knowing all the teachers and the students. It’ll definitely be new to start over in college.” – Avishek Paul

“I will always remember the class of 2015 as an engaged and enthusiastic group of students that I enjoyed working with. My message to them is to always expect the most of yourselves, and always do your best to reach the goals you have set.” – Dr. Helfenbein

“The class of 2015 is one of the friendliest classes. I teach a lot of students and often what happens is that I’ll teach students two years in a row, and then afterwards they walk right by me as if I’m a ghost and we never speak again. But I find that this graduating class, a lot of students stop by and say hello, tell me what they’re doing… I love the class of 2015 because they treat me like a friend.” – Mr. Wolov


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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