by Justin H '17

BSGE Students’ Summer Plans

As this school year winds down, many BSGE students have started thinking about what they want to do over the summer. Students from all grades have interesting plans.

  • Scott Seigel ‘20 is going to study history at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY).
  • Emma Van Bergen ‘19 will travel to Oxford University to study photography and conspiracy theories
  • Ben Bagbek ‘18 will be a teen advisor for Junior Scholastic, writing opinionated articles on various topics.
  • Emily Costa ‘17 plans to experience a Chinese language and cultural immersion program in Beijing.
  • Angelica Benares ‘16 will participate in and help lead a youth seminar in Rome about conflict and resolution.
  • Beverlee Chin ‘15 obtained a paid internship lasting for the next four summers with Crown Media/Hallmark Channel. This summer, she will be in their Ad Sales Marketing department.

All of these activities involve highly competitive application processes. As the teenage population continues to grow, programs and jobs become more difficult to get into, but these students and many more were able to gain admission. Hopefully everyone, regardless of their activities, has an enjoyable summer.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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