by Allen W '20

Lasko’s Lovely Labs

With the school year drawing to a near end, BSGE seventh graders are getting a taste of the kind of work they must do further on in their BSGE career. A good example of this would be the recent two lab reports assigned in science class. Unlike anything a seventh grader has ever done before, the lab reports certainly had an effect on how students viewed their workloads, be it a positive or negative one.

Starting off with an in-class lab experiment, students must collect reliable data, and then produce a report that interprets, draws conclusions from, and reflects on their collected data. With the entire process and report being a rather lengthy process, some students who are still adapting to their new environment and workload see this as a good thing, while others are happy to get this leg of the race over with.

Despite some of the negative opinions on the report and its process, the majority of seventh graders consider it beneficial to their future academic career, writing abilities, and even time management skills.

A student in the seventh grade who wished to be kept anonymous said that “the lab report’s process helped refine time management abilities, and helped greatly because the lab gives a good insight for what seventh graders have to do in future years, and helps students to prepare for whatever that will be.”

Additionally, Amit Sarker ‘20 said that the “lab report was very time consuming, but it also helped because now it is easier to manage time, after facing so much pressure from the lab report.” Furthermore, another anonymous seventh grader stated that “the lab report was rather stressful, but the overall project and process of the lab report did help with their writing abilities.”

Nonetheless, some other students think otherwise. An anonymous student said that the “lab report doesn’t quite do much to help with anything, and it is a waste of time in retrospect.” Though some may think this, the overall vibe from the seventh grade is that the lab is quite beneficial. It is evident that most seventh graders did in fact benefit from these experiences.

In conclusion, though the lab report can be tedious, the end result of completing one can still be viewed as a good thing.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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