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All Time Low Concert Experience; Tips and Tricks on How to Survive a Concert

All Time Low (Photo Credit:
All Time Low (Photo Credit:

On May 23rd we had the chance to go to an All Time Low Concert which also included several performances by Tonight Alive, Issues, and State Champs. The crowd was filled with people of all different ages, and all the dyed hair made it look extremely colorful. We were lucky enough for it to be a beautiful day out but with all the mosh pits, pushing and overall lack of personal space we found it hard to keep cool and not get dehydrated. Luckily, security guards took water bottles and poked holes in it creating a sprinkler/ water fountain for all of us fortunate enough to be towards the front. There were some moments we’d thought we would die, of thirst, of people trampling over us or even of excitement but in the end it was worth it! Coming to wait on line hours before was one of the most important things to getting a decent spot in the crowd, and a good view despite the height disadvantage. Waitin on line for hours isn’t such a drag as long as you’re with your friends and having fun. Being on line with hundreds of people with the same taste in music as you is also extremely fun and can lead to friendships so don’t be scared of interaction! Going to an All Time Low concert was definitely the experience of a lifetime. It was a learning experience for future concerts and above all, it was extremely fun! For individuals who are planning to go to similar concerts, read this article for tips and tricks for surviving the concert.

One of the most important things for a general admission concert is being prepared to wait on line for at least three to four hours, if you want to get a good spot. Waiting on line isn’t as bad as it sounds as long as you are on line with other friends or people you could talk to. This also makes it easier because someone could stay on line while the other gets food or goes to the bathroom. Being a part of this generation, while on line you may want to be on your phone the whole time, but this can be a bad idea, depending on how much you want to use your phone during the concert. You want to use your phone’s battery very wisely, especially if you are using your phone as a camera during the concert. The worst feeling would be your phone dying in the middle of recording your favorite song.

Phone usage brings us to our next tip: Charge your phone! Your phone can not only be essential in taking those precious pictures and videos of your favorite band, but it would also be very helpful in the event that you and your friends get separated or lost. Just in case, it would be a good idea to plan a meeting place for the end of the concert if anyone gets separated from the rest of the group. For taking pictures and videos, if you aren’t willing to use up your precious phone battery or storage, then you could bring a small camera, such as a GoPro. Some venues don’t allow cameras other than the ones on your phone, so you should also check that before going to the concert.

Being strong enough to push your way through and keep your spot is also very important. Since from the time you arrive to the time the main band begins to perform is hours apart, you need to learn when and how to push your way through. Don’t be harsh because then everyone will hate you, but there are other ways. Some people crowd surf to make their way to the front which can be hard on some other people since they tend to kick people in the head or fall on people’s backs. Another way to keep your spot or get to the front is to move quickly when you see space and make sure to keep your friends close by. Although this is hard when you’re enjoying the music, you’ll most likely stay close by each other. Make sure to record only a limited number of songs because enjoying the music and singing/ screaming out the words is the most fun part. If you try to record a song that puts the crowd into extreme party mode and one that causes a lot of crowd surfers, be careful because your phone can get knocked out of your hands. Sometimes, if its still recording you can still hear the crunching.

Another tip is to stay hydrated both before the concert and during the concert. During the concert, you will definitely get dehydrated from all the sweating, screaming, singing, and dancing. Most venues will ask you to throw out any outside food or beverages before entering so make sure to drink lots of water beforehand. The venues usually sell water, but it is usually overpriced and would be a hassle to carry. During the All Time Low concert, individual water bottles were handed out by security guards for everyone in the crowd to share, but it was a miracle if you got your hands on it.

Lastly, it is very important to wear appropriate clothing. First of all, you want to dress accordingly to the weather. Check the weather in advance and make sure that you won’t be too cold or too hot during the concert. Just remember, you will be surrounded by hundreds of other very active and sweaty people, so you should either dress lightly or in layers. This would make it easy to put on and remove the layers, just in case the weather changes. This brings up another very important topic of wearing “appropriate” clothing. Since you will be very close to complete strangers, you want to wear clothing that isn’t too exposing, especially if you plan on crowd surfing.

Overall, the All Time Low concert itself was amazing. First of all, all of the bands that opened up for them did a good job of getting the crowd excited and ready for All Time Low to come out. They made sure to connect to both their current fans, new fans, and people who weren’t too familiar with them. Also, the time in between each set change wasn’t too long, so there wasn’t much waiting after waiting on line. After Tonight Alive, State Champs, and Issues performed, many people left to go to the back because they couldn’t handle it. This made it better for us because it made it a lot easier to get closer to the front of the stage. Once All Time Low came on, I did get separated from my friends, but I still enjoyed the concert a lot. Due to my small size, it was easy for me to fit into smaller spaces that were closer to the stage. After singing and dancing along to every single song, I was pretty tired, but I wasn’t willing to leave without and merchandise. Lining up at the merch stand was a whole other kind of horror, but in the end, it was totally worth it. For anyone debating over whether or not they should go to a concert, I think it’s definitely an experience you won’t want to miss out on. No matter who’s concert you want to go to, getting to see one of your favorite bands or singers live is one of the most amazing and surreal things ever.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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