by Abdullah S '20 by Abhay B '20 by Adnan I '20 by Raunak A '20 by Winston P '20

Welcome Class of 2021!

Going to a new school is hard, going to a different school without graduating from your old school is even harder, but add on the fact that you’re in a challenging school, and it will probably a tricky transition. However, you’ll survive (we know that from experience), especially when you know all the special tips that 8th graders on the Bacc Rag have for you!

  • Making study guides for tests is a really good idea.
  • Try to stay on top of the material you are covering in class.
  • Do your homework the night it is assigned! Teachers will often assign projects and tests unexpectedly, and having a bit of flexibility will come in handy as things get tough.
  • Organize your homework and test dates all in one place, so you don’t have to flip through five separate books; buying a planner from the school or using a personal notebook would probably be the best.
  • Get add-ons like Productivity Owl (for Chrome) and Leechblock (for Firefox) to help with your productivity.

What to Avoid:

  • Do not have irregular sleeping patterns. Nothing is worse than literally not being able to stay awake in class.
  • Don’t take any class lightly. High schools will look at your entire report card, not just specific classes.
  • Don’t underestimate tests. You should study 5 to 8 hours in the 5 day period before any given test.

Subject Specific:

  • Music: It may seem easy, but stay organized with your developmental workbook and always smile. However, it can be hard when you are playing the drums and have to keep up with 16th notes or a quick change in rhythm. Remember to count louder than the drums that you are playing, except in the performance that you’ll have.
  • Math: It is a subject that you may find easy at times but soon you will encounter harder concepts and complicated vocabulary. Use graph paper even if you aren’t making a graph. Never use a pen when doing anything in math. Use a ruler and pencil when making a graph and table.
  • Science: Whenever the teacher gives you a hint about what will be on the test, write it down in a glossary that you’ve created in your science materials (the back of your notebook of course) where you put down everything that you need to know for the test. For many students science is one of the hardest subjects (in this school, at least). Start studying for tests from the moment you know about them (tests are 60% of your grade). Unless you’re a super genius, in which case you should study even more, because you wouldn’t want other people to have proof that you aren’t a super genius.
  • Humanities: You have to be able to understand the text, and have a sense of the chronological order of events you are studying.
  • ELA: It depends on whether you keep up with what’s happening in class and whether you stay organized. Essays and projects are important to work hard on, and don’t do homework at lunch; even if it seems simple, it’ll take longer than you think.

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