by Daleelah S '19 by Samantha V '18

Fall To-Do List!

Fall in Central Park (
Fall in Central Park (

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a wonderful way to kick off your fall season. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy nature and spend some time away from all the homework and technology. Getting to hang out with family and friends in a relaxing environment is a ton of fun and much healthier than sitting around at home on your couch with a jar of Nutella in one hand and a bag of popcorn in the other. Another positive side to apple picking is the benefits for those who have oral allergy syndrome. For people like that, eating the majority of fresh fruits makes your mouth swell and your throat itch. But when you eat fruit picked directly from the tree, you tend not to have an allergic reaction. Also, apple picking is a great way to support local orchards. By picking and purchasing fruit and other homemade items  from them, you are giving them the money that they need to keep running their farm/orchard. Plus, you now have your own personal supply of apples to be used for cooking, baking, or just biting right into.

Corn Maze/Hay Rides

Many farms that you would go to for apple picking also offer hayrides and corn mazes. For those who don’t know what a corn maze is: it’s basically a real-life maze in a field of corn. Everyone enters the maze at the same time, and your goal is to find your way out in the shortest amount of time. Some corn mazes have additional scary elements, like people who get dressed up and creep up behind you (others take place at nighttime, so your only source of light is a flashlight provided to you). Visiting a corn maze can actually build teamwork skills and is a great way to bond with friends!

Halloween Stuff

When fall finally comes around, the first holiday that many look forward to is Halloween. Halloween is the one night of the year where you could get free candy and walk around in hilarious costumes without anyone judging you (sort of). A great way to kick off that Halloween spirit is to go to a haunted house. Haunted houses are great for those who like feeling the rush of adrenaline or those who just want to prove how courageous they are. A popular haunted house here in New York City is “Blood Manor.” Approximately 20 minutes long, this haunted house contains all types of terrifying people, from creepy clowns to blood-soaked zombies. On specific days, some haunted houses even give discounts to those who bring their student ID. So if you want to start your Halloween season with a kick, find a haunted house that you think fits your “scare level.”

For those who are a bit less daring, but still want to kick off the Halloween season with something scary, you should try watching some horror movies. You could always go with the classics such as The Exorcist or A Nightmare on Elm Street, or you could watch some of the more recent horror movies such as Sinister and The Conjuring. Just getting to relax and watch a scary movie with your friends can be an enjoyable thing to do. What makes it even better is getting to watch your other friends cry throughout the movie (just kidding…or maybe not).

For those of you who hate scary things and just want Halloween to be over, why not just spend your time watching those adorable Halloween-themed movies, such as the iconic The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie surely won’t give you any nightmares, but will definitely get you into the Halloween spirit.

Last, but not the least for Halloween preparation is getting a costume ready. Even if you aren’t planning on going to a party or going trick-or-treating, wearing a costume on Halloween can be pretty fun. You can go out as pretty much anyone or anything and receive a tad bit less judgement. Many people use Halloween as a day to express their self in a different way and others use it to egg houses and/or cover them in toilet paper. Either way, wearing a costume on Halloween is just a great way to do something different and not really care what others think.


Whether or not you’re skilled in the art of pumpkin carving, it’s still fun to decorate pumpkins, and it’s a good group activity (who doesn’t love watching their friends get pumpkin guts all over themselves?). You can buy a pumpkin carving kit (available at most supermarkets around this time). Most of these include basic stencils that you can use to create a simple design, or you can look up the design you’d like to create. I’ve found it helpful to draw on the pumpkin with Sharpie before committing to a carving. When the carving is done, stick an electronic candlelight in there, and you’ve got your very own Jack-o-Lantern.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

Most people associate fall with pumpkins and pumpkin picking, and for good reason. There’s a long list of pumpkin-related items to enjoy: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Munchkins/Donuts, Pumpkin Bread, and Pumpkin Candles.

Jump Around in Piles of Leaves

Jumping around in piles of leaves is one of the classic ways to celebrate the start of fall. It doesn’t cost any money, doesn’t require a lot of work and effort, it’s fun, and it could make you feel like a little kid again. As we get older, we start reminiscing more about those moments when we were young and carefree. It is now when you start to miss those small things in life when you were younger that made you the happiest kid in the world. So jumping in a pile of leaves is a way of reliving those days (not to mention a great fall-themed Instagram photo-op). Just pile up bunches of leaves that have fallen from surrounding trees and jump in!

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