by Allen W '20

BSGE’s Welcomes a Class of New Ninth Graders

As the new 2015-16 school year kicks off to a start, many new seventh grade students find themselves quickly adjusting to BSGE’s atmosphere. However, another new group of students is a handful of new ninth graders who were accepted to BSGE through the high school application process, in order to fill the empty seats left by eighth graders who transferred out of BSGE. Each year, some students leave BSGE to attend other public and private high schools, and as a result a limited number of seats are available for applicants. In the end, fifteen lucky ninth graders students from all over the city were admitted to BSGE.

Though most current ninth graders (Class of 2019) have been in BSGE for a good two years, these few new high schoolers are just beginning to adapt to the IB-focused environment. They have mixed first impressions about the school, but most of these students agree that the school offers a different perspective on education.

One new ninth grader named Peter, who is from Europe, said that he likes how things run at BSGE. “The teachers are respectful and offer help, and it’s really easy to make friends here. All the students are really nice,” he says.

Another ninth grader, Fateha, who previously attended Robert F. Wagner, also has a good first impression of the school. She noted that “the school is small which makes everything feel close and bound together, which is good, and that everybody (at least the people I’ve met so far) are kind and friendly.” In addition, she “looks forward to the future.”

Overall, the new ninth graders seem pleased with their choice of coming to BSGE, and although they have a lot on their plate, they are adapting well to BSGE.

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