by Allen W '20

New CAS Requirements

The Creativity, Activity—formerly called Actionand Service Program, usually referred to as the CAS Program, is an essential part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program through the 11th and 12th grade. CAS, one of the three core parts of the IB program in addition to Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, promotes personal development as well as expanding creative interests through work that challenges individuals and helps others. In Creativity, creative thinking and the arts are the main focuses. Activity focuses on “physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.” Finally, in Service, volunteer work is a platform for gaining a learning opportunity for the student. In addition to participating in such activities, students must make personal and group reflections to show how their work is interwoven with the CAS learning outcomes.

The process for meeting all CAS requirements has been the same for quite some time, until it was changed this school year for all IB schools. The main difference between the new and old requirements is that previously, students were expected to fulfill 150 hours of CAS work over their junior and senior years with a minimum of 20 hours in each CAS element. Now, however, students must participate in only 100 hours of CAS, engaging in at least three individual CAS experiences. Students still have to engage in CAS work regularly for at least 18 consecutive months, and complete reflections. With regard to the reflections, under the previous requirements students had to write strictly formatted reflections, whereas now reflections can be in multiple media formats, such as video clips, blogs, songs, etc.

Students are also required to complete CAS projects now, where they must work in groups to do CAS-related work. These projects must be done over a period of at least 8 weeks. In BSGE, all CAS projects will focus on the theme of human rights, in order to maintain the school’s global focus, according to CAS Coordinator Peter Wilson.

Requirements Old Criteria New Criteria
Hours 150 100
Required Work Time At least 20 hours in each area. Hours may be fulfilled in any of the three areas.
CAS Projects No project Project required (human rights focus)
Reflections Strictly Written Can be in different forms

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