by Ide K '19 by Matthew D '19

Students Reflect on a New School Year

We are two months into a new school year at BSGE, and it’s obvious that everybody has already started to think about the next break that they’ll have. However, most students have also begun to consider how they are going to succeed academically more than they previously had.

Time management plays a huge role in getting decent grades. Akifah Ahmed ‘21 explained, “I manage my time by timing myself while I’m doing my homework, which makes it easier for me to do my own things in my own time later on.” Agreeing with Akifah, Lakshya Rajoria ‘21 commented, “I organize my time by finishing all of my homework by 9:30 PM. I also try to do both A-day and B-day homework on the weekends, since I have enough time to catch up on my schoolwork.”

Classes that demand critical thinking of students are generally the classes that they have trouble with. “I have the hardest time with science, since we have so many unexpected quizzes,” Lakshya said. “I have the most trouble with Spanish class, since I’m not really used to the language,” explained Akifah.

The thing that students stress the most about in terms of academic success is working hard and studying, which is probably what every student thinks of when they envision themselves getting great grades and forming positive relationships with their teachers.

When asked if they had any advice to give to younger grades, all BSGE students seemed to be on the same page, no matter where they were in their schooling. “Take your classes seriously and do your best to maximize your preparation for the IB,” said Rinni Sutanto ‘17. Lynca Saito ‘21, on the other hand, advised students to “avoid slacking off. Manage your time wisely and ask questions to improve your understanding of the material.”

BSGE is a school that is recognized for the humongous workload and stress that its students go deal with on a daily basis. Students have to find creative ways of finishing their work in the most efficient way possible in order to be successful in school, so they try different methods of time management and see what works best for them. Most students agreed that as long as you come up with a plan that you can follow well, you should be able to accomplish your academic goals.

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