by Samantha V '18

BSGE’s 2015 Soccer Season Wraps Up

Soccer has become a large part of the BSGE environment. Whether you’re on the team or a die-hard fan, you’ve heard about BSGE’s soccer teams. This year, BSGE introduced its very own Girls’ Soccer Team. With the help of BSGE Staff and senior Isabelle Lee ’16, Ciara Keogh ’17 created the Girls’ Soccer Team for her personal project. Elected by their team and coach, Isabelle and Ciara became captains for the developmental team. With coaches John Ryding and Rajiv Mahajan, the team developed their skills and prepared for their first season. “The first game we lost 3-0 and we won our last game 3-1,” said Isabelle. “If that doesn’t show improvement, I don’t know what does. The players on the other team even told me how much we had improved as a team in the last minutes of the final game.” The development of the team’s skills may have increased due to increased amounts of practice, but it also could have increased due to the bonds that were created during practice. Maria Ryding ’18, a member of the Girls Soccer Team, felt that the team “impacted [her] life by being the most loving and wonderful team [she has] ever had.” When asked about how they think the season went, many of the team’s members were very impressed with their performance as a whole. Co-captain Ciara states, “It was our first season, and with everything considered, we did amazing. We worked together really well, and even though we lacked in skill—and some girls had never even kicked a ball before—I think we did amazing.” With a final record of 3-2, the team put a lot of effort, time, and dedication into practicing for each game.

Aside from developing their skills in soccer, the girls built bonds and friendships with each other. According to Simona Matovic ’17, “everyone just got close together and everyone became a family. It may sound really corny, but we were all just super supportive of each other.” The closeness of the team is what allowed the team to grow because the girls weren’t afraid to critique each other or ask each other for help. Another factor was the support that the team received from their coaches, their supervisors, and the rest of the BSGE Family. Nicole Rodriguez ’18 felt very welcomed by the team and explained that they “played really well because of the dynamic and worked very well with each other. We also had a great a coach that was very committed to helping our team improve.” Having a strong foundation to support the team definitely helped the girls approach each game confidently.

unnamed (1)As amazingly well as the Girls Soccer Team did, the Boys Soccer Team did a solid job this season, too, finishing with a record of 3-7, with 2 draws. One of the team’s newcomers, Yousef El Emary ’18 believed that the season was successful due to the fact that he “learned a lot from summer training and from the older guys—the seniors—because they had experience from outside clubs.” According to Brandon Chu ’18, “Although we didn’t have the best record, I thought that this season was successful because I learned a lot about soccer from players that have a lot of prior experience and skill.” The team still believes that there is a lot they could do to improve.

Either way, both teams put in a lot of effort and dedication towards each and every game, and everyone in the BSGE family is looking forward to next season!