by Matthew D '19

7th Grader Models for Target, Macy’s, Old Navy

image1 (1)Most BSGE students don’t have the slightest idea that a real model is walking in their midst. Gregory Briggler ‘21 has been featured in advertisements for large retailers including Target, Macy’s, and Old Navy – big achievements for somebody who is only 12 years old.

Gregory started modeling because his mother signed him up when he was 9 years old. His first shoot was for a British company called Next. He’s a versatile model. “I model fashion made for every season,” he said.

The average BSGE student has a fairly large workload – is modeling a distraction? “It doesn’t affect me that much, since I manage all of my schoolwork well,” Gregory told us. “Sometimes I’m free so I can catch up with friends that I don’t talk to that often.” When asked about what he does with the money he makes, Gregory said, “I usually spend it on things I need, like the computer that I recently bought. After getting something, I try to find something else to save up for.”

Of course, being a model for huge companies has its fair share of stardom. When asked about how others react to his modeling, Gregory said, “People are usually surprised and can’t believe it, but eventually they come to a conclusion of acceptance.” However, he doesn’t enjoy the times when modeling starts to change how people regard him. He explained, “I don’t like to be a showoff, so if modeling makes me look like one, then it gets on my nerves.” Gregory also dislikes doing a shoot with a certain type of people. “I especially hate it when I have to work with people that don’t talk much and go by the book.”

Even though his mother initiated his career, he still would have chosen to model if he was given the choice. “Everything is straightforward and the staff guides me through it,” explained Gregory. “Modeling truly isn’t that difficult.”


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