by Rachel Z '20

Running Club: Activity and Teamwork

A new club this year for running seems to have been a big success among students. Running club encourages students at BSGE to work hard to reach their physical goals and have fun at the same time.

Running club was created by tenth grade student, Kohen Rahman with the help of guidance counselor Tim David Lang and gym teacher Mr. Mac, and the approval of Ms. Johnson. “I started the group because I love to run,” Kohen explained. “It is a form of physical exercise that is so simple, but not many people actually get around to doing it.”

The club has provided students with a chance to get outside and do something they never really had the motivation to do. Its was great experience for anyone who enjoys running, regardless of prior skill level. “It is something that also alleviates stress, which we, as students, get a lot of in BSGE,” said Kohen.

Members would often go to a local park and work on their running skills. Tim helped these students strive to reach their full potential, running faster and for longer periods of time. Many said they had fun participating with their friends, and were looking forward to joining again next season. “It was a lot of fun,” said Olivia Wegrowski ’20. “I probably would do it again if I have time.”

Running club will be open to students again this upcoming spring, as well as BSGE’s cross country club. Kohen hopes that by the fall of 2016, BSGE will be able to compete in citywide PSAL races with other high schools. If you are interested, anyone is welcome next spring!


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