by Chloe H '20 by Pamela L '20

The Buzz: What is your New Year’s resolution?

IMG_2271“…to visualize and expect the best results from everything I am entertained to do.”

-Mrs. Nikkolos


“…to get more organized because my locker and work space is messy.”

-Megan Gupta-She ’21


“…to exercise more and to lose weight.”

-Marius Tanase ’21


“…to be a better person in general.”

-Angelica Benares ’16


“…to get into college!”

-Alisa Mizukami ’16


“…to do better in school and get my homework done.”

-Thomas Breen ’20


“I don’t have New Year’s resolutions because they tend not to happen, so I just choose goals throughout the year at random points in time.”

-Mr. Mehan

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