by Moshan G '17

What’s the deal with CAS group projects?

Juniors and seniors in BSGE this year have been introduced to a new assignment that they have to complete as part of the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) requirement for the IB Diploma Program. The CAS Group Project, which in BSGE must center around the theme of human rights in order to maintain a global perspective, is an 8-week long project that can happen either during the school year or over the summer. Aside from the human rights requirement, which is relatively broad, students can choose to do anything that falls under one or more of the three CAS sections. Below are some sample group projects that juniors are currently working on:

Group Name: “The Five”

Supervisor: Mildred

Jonathan Kim, Aadarsh Devkota, Kenneth Sue, Jotham Kim, Nicholas Jung

The group is forming a band in order to make music to promote happiness and joy. It will also compose cover songs in order to encourage others to believe in oneself.

Group Name: “Global Citizens”/”Planet Change”

Supervisor: Ms. Silva

Maddalena Carusone, Elizabeth Levkovich, Shauna McKenzie, Rummana Amrin, Loli Alvarez

The group is making a fashion show that will be sponsored by an organization that donates clothing to needy people. Its goal is to incorporate both ancient and modernized culture through the outfits it presents, including traditional Indian, Mexican, Spanish, Native American, and Chinese clothing.

Group: Onita Alija, Alexandra Ramos, Mahdia Ahmed, Natalia Melion, Andres Ramos

Supervisor: Ms. You

The group will raise money for refugees and get medical supplies for them by selling teddy bears. They have set $1000 as a preliminary fundraising goal.

Group: Najwa Jamal, Rinni Sutanto, Yusra Bourara, Anamaria Alvarez, Tristan McKenna, Mohammad Sarwarkon, Kevin Ordonez

The group is planning to create winter kits for the homeless by raising funds, such as holding bake sales or asking other companies for donations. The students want to include items like hats, scarves, or instant oatmeal in their winter kits and have other organizations distribute the kits to the homeless.


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