by Jaime T '20 by Jasmine S '20

Arts and Creativity Club: The Creative Mission to Stop Hunger

IMG_4664Fundraisers are not uncommon in BSGE, especially with all the bake sales that take place. But recently, two eleventh graders, Lucia Zhu ’17 and Moshan Guo ’17, have taken a different approach to fundraising.

They have created the Aesthetic Arts and Creativity Club, where students make handmade crafts to donate to charities. “Once you’re in eleventh grade you have to do a CAS project and I think it’s a good opportunity to do something outside the community or outside the school to raise awareness,” explains Lucia.

So how is selling handmade crafts more effective than a bake sale? “Bake sales usually require buying food and then selling it, while making things is a more hands-on experience. Making it yourself – in my opinion – you feel more satisfied with it,” says Lucia. She’s not the only one with this mindset.

Gretchen Schwarz, the supervisor for the club, agrees. She says, “People are more interested in making things themselves and the whole do-it-yourself involvement with materials, whether it’s jewelry or other items.” Currently, students in the club are working on making friendship bracelets and knitting.

Moshan, the other founder of the club, has been helping inexperienced club members improve on their bracelet-making skills.

“I would have never imagined myself having the capability to do it, but with Moshan’s help… my life has changed,” jokes Rashmika Batra ‘20. “I get to explore new boundaries of my creative lifestyle.” Hopefully, all members will soon be able to create handmade crafts well enough to sell for the charity.

The club is planning to support the charity Action Against Hunger, which is a charity that provides food for the malnourished, especially children. Lucia agrees, “It’s not right for kids to die from malnutrition, when we know we can do something about it.”

The Arts and Creativity club has just begun this year, but it seems like it’s off to a promising start.


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