by Pamela L '20

The Geography Bee at BSGE!

Top finishers, left to right: Benjamin Wong (3rd Place), Allen Wang (1st Place), and Gregory Briggler (2nd Place).

On January 26th, 64 students in BSGE attended the preliminary round of the school geography bee. 11 eighth and 53 seventh graders competed in 7 rounds of assigned questions aloud until there were 10 finalists, who would attend the school finals. The school finalists were determined through those who received 7/7 questions correct on the preliminary round, and the top scores in the tiebreaker held for those who received 6/7 questions correct. 4 eighth graders and 6 seventh graders made it into the finals.

“This is the first year BSGE has participated in the National Geographic Bee,” says Mr. Lakhaney, who held the school competition. The questions included in the bee cover different aspects of geography, ranging from landforms to culture. “The competition was structured very nicely, but the questions could have been improved because they weren’t all the same difficulty and some contestants had more leverage than others,” says Allen W. ‘20, the school winner.

The competition’s structure consisted of a preliminary and final round for the school. The preliminary round welcomed both seventh and eighth graders to answer 7 rounds of questions. Those who answered all 7 rounds correctly (Christie Choi ‘20, Allen Wang ‘20, Katherine Hlang ‘21, and James Li ‘21) automatically journeyed onto the finals, and those who answered 6 of those 7 rounds correctly qualified for a tiebreaker to determine which 6 students would take the 6 remaining spots for the finals. The finals consisted of more challenging questions that continued to narrow down the number of competitors in the bee. If someone answered 2 questions incorrectly, they were disqualified.

After the finals were finished, in first place was Allen W. ‘20, who became the geography bee school winner. In second place came Gregory B. ‘21 and in third was Benjamin W. ‘20.


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