by Jaime T '20 by Jasmine S '20

Nicole Rodriguez’s Personal Project: Ending Animal Cruelty

OtisCertificate2016BSGE-page-001This year, a sophomore named Nicole Rodriguez decided to adopt a pig and a sheep for her personal project to save both animals from animal abuse. Nicole has been vegan for over a year, and has always been passionate about animal rights. She has used the personal project as an opportunity to raise money to sponsor Otis the pig and Claria the sheep.

“Earlier in the summer, I went to a vegan expo which had a display on Sanctuary Farms. I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to do my personal project on,” Nicole explains. Although she was already vegan, she was inspired to do more than simply refraining from eating animal products. So she successfully guided two animals to a better life.

This was accomplished with the help of the Safe Haven Sanctuary, which saves animals from cruel treatment in farms. Pigs spend practically their whole lives in cramped pens or sows, and are given little to no room with no “fresh air, sunlight or outdoor access.” Birds are also some of the most neglected animals because they are handled with little care and have no laws to protect them. Most of these animals are taken away from their families.

Otis was one of the animals subjected to this neglect in his life; he was abandoned in New York City and then sent to a factory farm that treated him brutally. Eventually, he was saved by the farm sanctuary along with many other animals. “When I saw him, I instantly fell in love with him.” Nicole confessed. “After reading his story, I knew right away that he was the one I wanted to help.”

Nicole was able to adopt Otis and Claria with the money she made from a bake sale. “I made about $85.” Saving two animals from harm and neglect was a beneficial way to use the money. In addition to raising money, she has attempted to spread awareness.

Sheep, pigs, and even turkeys can be adopted on the Safe Haven Sanctuary website; Nicole encourages others to learn more about the sanctuary at She says, “All the money given to them is used to help maintain good lives for the animals and ensuring the animals are kept in the farms rather than returning to the factory farms.” Nicole believes that though she has only saved two animals, it has changed their lives for the better and hopefully, organizations such as the Safe Haven Sanctuary will continue to spread awareness to someday stop animal mistreatment.



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