by Anab K '20

Raising Grades Before Progress Reports

Grades are among the topmost concerns of students across the world, especially those in honor programs such as International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or Advanced Placement courses. At BSGE, students of all ages, from the newer 7th graders to the older MYP and IB candidates are aware of the critical role grades play in a student’s educational career. As we are now approaching the second marking period of the second semester, students are focusing on raising their grades before progress reports, and, eventually, before final report cards.

Students enjoyed varying levels of success with first semester report cards. Relatively new to the school, Meril Mousoom ’21, says “I got what I expected but not what I wanted.” BSGE students are almost always faced with this problem, trying to achieve high scores but not quite meeting their goals.

In general, the attitude towards improving is pretty strong here. Another 7th grader, Jenna Belabed ’21, said, “I definitely think I can study more for longer periods of time.” In particular, 7th graders new to the school and its culture strive to learn different methods in order to improve their scores.

Some students feel as if the blame for having defects with their grades isn’t always on them. Tatiana Economopoulos ’18 feels that “certain teachers of mine could have been more clear.” These students feel some frustration, since these slight problems with others, like teachers and parents, affect their grades.

Be it trying to improve or identifying the true source of error, BSGE students are very concerned with grades. Combined with pressure from parents and teachers, scores matter a lot to not only us BSGE students, but to other IB students around the world.

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