by Matthew D '19

Students Helping Honduras: Combating Poverty and Violence

Most BSGE students are aware of the Helping Hands Committee, which strives to help those without a voice. In addition to the one main committee, students organize their own sub-committees to combat either local or international issues. One of the sub-committees inside Helping Hands, Students Helping Honduras, or SHH, raises money to help build schools, houses, and children’s homes in Honduras. The committee is connected to the international NGO of the same name, which is how the money is donated. As explained by one of the committee members, “we focus on raising money to build schools and houses for villages whose children do not have access to schools or whose schools are very far away from their homes.”

The members range in age from 7th grade to 9th grade. The main way that the committee fundraises is by holding bake sales and candygrams, recently hosting a raffle as well. SHH has been very productive, raising over $1000 for the people of Honduras since the start of the school year.

One of the main members of SHH, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a sibling who volunteered up close and personal in Honduras with the organization. She said, “my sister, at her college, was also a part of Students Helping Honduras. Not only did it inspire them but it inspired me too. The way she talked about how great the organization is encouraged me to start a committee here in BSGE. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are making a difference.”

Crime is a part of daily life in Honduras. Students Helping Honduras is not just something that is a part-time job for its leaders, it’s essentially a necessity in Honduras. Without the organization, there would be many more children out on the streets. In many cases, gangs offer these children “protection” and money as a form of false security.

Another member added, “Poverty and extreme violence isn’t something that many experience up close. To me it’s important to not forget about others and try to help as much as I can while I can.”


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