by Pamela L '20

Lead in BSGE’s Pipes?

After some routine water quality testing, BSGE has recently found a hint of lead in the water pipes of the school. The lead was only found in second floor pipes, and has been specifically located in the water fountain in the yoga room.

“We had some guys come and run some tests and figure out what to do from there,” said the school’s janitor, Darnell Murray Jr. Some may wonder if these tests were run as a result of the water crises in other areas like Flint, Michigan, where high levels of lead were found in the universal drinking water of the city. The lead found in Michigan was a serious health hazard. But BSGE’s test was part of a routine examination. “In our case, it only came back positive in one location [room 214].”

According to Darnell, a possible explanation for the lead situation was that the fountain in the room wasn’t used frequently enough. “Pipes all over New York City have lead in them.” Fortunately, the levels in BSGE aren’t significant enough to be even remotely equivalent to those in Michigan. All in all, the situation in BSGE is far from dangerous, but it is something to be mindful of.

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