by Matthew D '19

Helping Hands’ Eco-Partnership

Helping Hands, a fundraising organization in BSGE, has long been known for collaborating with organizations that wish to help the environment. Surprisingly, Helping Hands’ most recent eco-friendly project is with the successful makeup company L’Oréal.

L’Oréal is in the process of moving into a green building in Manhattans’ Hudson Yards, and has contacted Helping Hands to make 1500 keychains for their employees by reusing unwanted art supplies. All of the supplies are being provided through Materials for the Arts, which some BSGE students may be familiar with.

Materials for the Arts is an organization located near the school on Northern Boulevard. Various individuals and groups can donate their art supplies to Materials for the Arts, which will then give the supplies away to non-profits specializing in art, NYC public schools, or educational workshops open to the public. Without MFTA, making 1500 keychains would be out of reach for BSGE.

L’Oréal has offered to donate $5000 to Helping Hands. Helping Hands has not yet decided how it will split this money, but it is certain that all of the money will be going towards the initiatives that Helping Hands members have been working so hard on this school year.

“I think it’s a great project,” a Helping Hands member explained. “It gives BSGE another way to connect with the community.”


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