by Anab K '20

BSGE Fitness Room Gets a Makeover

The second floor fitness room is used by most BSGE students who have gym for their physical education class. Some students even like to go to the fitness room after school and work out then as well. The room has recently been renovated, with the addition of a mirror and the rearrangement of equipment. However, there are still more changes to come.

Margaret Pasach, the parent coordinator, explained the process of renovating the room. “The PTA worked on getting money from the councilman, because the machines were in disrepair. And he came through. They’d been working on it for 2 years. They were able to bring in enough money to redo the fitness room.” The floors were repainted a bright blue, and mirrors now line the wall behind the weight racks. Some machines, however, were removed, like the equipment for lateral pulldown, and a dysfunctional machine that is supposed to work out the legs but now only serves as a rest station. Over the summer, new machines will be added, like new bicycles, since many of the current bicycles are not entirely functional.

Students naturally are excited about the changes, which greatly improve the gym’s aesthetic. Sharupa Azmal ‘20 thinks the room is now “super stylish and actually looks like a real gym now.” The last addition to the gym room was a treadmill several months ago. But now, with an entirely new and decked-out fitness room, BSGE’s physical education program appears much more serious than it has in the past. Students were quick to take notice of all the renovations. Reid Papafloratos ‘21 “prefers it over the older version” because of “the mirrors and the color of the floor, and the extra room for all the equipment.” “We all like it,” added another 7th grader, Meril Mousoom ’21.


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