by Samantha V '18

Rocking Out for CAS!

The new CAS group project requirements have led many BSGE students to explore interesting ways of fulfilling the Creativity, Activity and/or Service requirement through teamwork. One such project is a rock band created by Jotham Kim ‘17 and seven other juniors. While you may not have heard of the band itself, you may have noticed signs for a Rock Band Club, which is linked to the CAS project. The club involves members of the CAS project teaching other interested students to play instruments and produce music. The eight juniors host their own practices and performances separately.

Jotham says that the main purpose of their CAS Project is to “strengthen our bond as a community through the influence of music.” He and his friends were already interested in music, so it was something that everyone agreed on doing together. The band consists of three singers – Jonathan Kim, Moshan Guo, and Aadarsh Devkota – four individuals playing instruments – Jotham Kim, Kenneth Sue, Nicholas Jung, and John Bost – and one individual who is in charge of recording the band’s progress, Diego Barranchea.

For Jotham, music has had a huge influence on his life and has always been a way for him to express himself. Jotham feels that “expressing my emotions through music is very enlightening and simply makes me happy.” The CAS project has brought him and his friends closer, and they work together like “one big family.” His interest in music started at a young age when he asked his mother if he could learn how to play the piano. As he learned how to play piano and explored the basics of music, he started to compose his own pieces. Though Jotham doesn’t intend to eventually pursue a career in music, he enjoys it as an extracurricular activity and a hobby.

For Jonathan Kim ’17, the band has similar meaning. Jonathan is one of the co-creators of the project and is a lead singer in the band. He feels that the CAS project has changed the way he approaches music; he now appreciates it much more. A memorable moment for him was when after playing a song at band practice, the entire cafeteria started clapping for them. “I was so shocked because I did not think they were listening,” he explained. Participating in the project has helped him gain confidence. It taught him to set aside what others thought about him and instead focus on how he felt about what he was doing. Similar to Jotham, Jonathan doesn’t believe he will pursue a future career in music, but it will definitely continue to be a hobby of his.

From the outside, many people regard the band as just another rock group, but in reality, they have a larger goal for our school. The rock band’s main goal for this project is to reach out to the school community, and encourage others to “focus on the positive aspects of life, and move forward with huge smiles on their faces.” Practicing upbeat songs such as “One Day You Will” by Lady Antebellum and “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins, they plan to spread positive vibes through music and make our school community a better place.

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