2016-2017 BSGE by Owen S '20 by Princess P '22 News

The Sound of IB Music

Everyone listens to music. On the subway, in the car, while doing homework—it is something we can rely on to always be our friend. But every kind of music is made with instruments, and every instrument has a person who plays it and has extensive knowledge of that instrument. Some people only learn how to play the simplest tunes, while others like to go above and beyond by taking lessons for years, investigating music as closely as a scientist observing an experiment, and learning how to play many different songs. Many people, therefore, believe that learning to play in instrument feels better than just about anything.

BSGE is planning on implementing an IB Music program that focuses on students who are learning an instrument—voice, guitar, piano, violin, flute, and others—and to help them further their musical studies with a wider knowledge of music theory and performance. As stated by Ms. Nikkolos, “It’s up to you what instrument you’d like to choose, and when you join IB music, that will be an instrument you have already played [for] four, five years already.”

IB music has always been a part of Area 6 of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. However, there were not many students who could read, understand, and play music, and students had to be in music class for more hours than the school had scheduled. Even so, the seventh and ninth grade music curricula have always been intended to prepare students for IB music. Now, BSGE is ready to finally include IB Music in its curriculum. This year’s ninth graders will be the first ones with the option to take IB music in eleventh grade.  They will receive the newest version of IB music course, which changes every seven years. According to Ms. Nikkolos, IB music “is an advanced level or advanced placement high school course, but in some universities, it would also be a course that you would be exposed to within the first two years of university.” While studying IB music, students will focus on music theory, performance, and students will begin to think about music in a broader perspective. The IB music course will give students an opportunity to not only improve as musicians, but as thinkers and performers.

Ms. Nikkolos believes that IB music is “a wonderful addition to a young person’s day, day in the life of a student. In this way the student will have an opportunity to continue with their music as a main part of their life just as math and science and global history are parts of their day.” At BSGE, music will be given priority alongside subjects such as math and science. As Ms. Nikkolos explained, it will be a perfect course for students who are “interested in spending a good amount of their study time listening to music and analyzing it, performing and composing it.”

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