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Curriculum Night: Important but Overlooked

While this annual occurrence has been overlooked by many, Curriculum Night recently proved to be crucial for parents who wanted to come a step closer to their children’s education. Held on Wednesday, September 28th, the night included a bake sale for student funds with many parents attending. Those who were able to be there realized how essential such an event is to their child’s education. One seventh grade parent said, “Before this I had absolutely no idea what my children were doing to be honest, now I know what to expect of them.”
Parents participating in the annual conference got to learn more about the courses that students are expected to complete in the coming year. “The way the courses were presented was very well organized,” said the parent of a continuing ninth grader. According to her, many teachers presented informative and pleasing details about their curriculum. She was especially satisfied with her child’s chemistry class, which she thought was challenging but would help her child succeed in the future. She recalled how the chemistry teacher, Mr. Yanek, claimed he was going to go “above and beyond Regents level” in order to teach his students. When that parent was asked what could have been done differently about the night, she claimed that everything about it went well.

In addition to Curriculum Night being important to parents of continuing students at BSGE, it is just as important for any parents of new students. For example, the geometry teacher, Ms. Lambrini, told parents that in the future, students will be learning about proofs, which one parent of a ninth grader thought it “proved” that the class would be new and challenging for the students.

At a first glance, this may not seem like much, but it will prove essential in a few weeks or months when parents start to ask their children what they are doing in class. With this, all they have to do is look back at any notes on or simply recall the events of the night.

Teachers also thought that this was just as an important night for them as the parents. Mr. Mac believes Curriculum Night gave the “opportunity for teachers and parents to communicate and for everyone to have a greater understanding of the classroom and what their son or daughter is doing.” He continued by saying that it also creates “open-minded communication that will hopefully stay open for the rest of the year.”

As a side note, Mr. Mac encourages all students to eat, “…less donuts [and] more healthy food, ” in preparation for the coming school year in PE.


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