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Adapting to BSGE Weather

Imagine you’re going to math class and you start sweating, but as soon as you make it into English class, you start freezing. Many students at BSGE face the problem of fluctuating room temperatures every day. Some classrooms that suffer from this are the yoga room, which is always experiencing rise and fall of temperature, room 206, which is very cold, and rooms 416, 311, 205, and 402, which are extremely hot. How do BSGE students adapt to these weather changes and what influences these changing temperatures?

Although there are numerous ways to approach this problem, many students, such as Lidia Layme ‘22, agree that the best bet is to “carry a light sweater.” One can even, as Ryan Guerbi ‘21 says, “wear the same sweater everyday because it is helpful.  No one will judge you…hopefully.” Also, be mindful to make sure that your sweater isn’t too thick.  If it is, it can become heavy as you grow tired throughout the day, or it might produce too much warmth in the cold classrooms. Further, make sure not to lose it. If you do, check the lost and found on top of the piano in the cafeteria, under the stairs, and in the library.

If you don’t feel like carrying around a sweater all day, you can always use your locker. “Put all your stuff in your locker and don’t use a lock so you have quick and easy access to it,” advises Peter Odazhiev ‘19.  At BSGE, you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your belongings. Therefore, a lock can sometimes be an unnecessary obstacle when retrieving your sweater or the other contents in the locker. If you’re getting your sweater between classrooms that are far apart, a lock can make a difficult task even harder.

The reason for the temperature changes around the school is that the ground floors don’t receive enough heat during the day and become extremely cold, especially the offices near the corners of the school. To make up for this, the school increases its heating for the whole building. This both makes certain classrooms much hotter than others and wastes plenty of money when the classes open their windows and let all the heat out. It’s a never ending cycle that makes the school lose money, the students uncomfortable, and the teachers irritated.


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