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Five Songs You Don’t Know But Should Listen To

State Champs- Perfect Score

State Champs is a pop punk band that has recently gained fame in the punk scene. Their most recent album, Around the World and Back, contains an upbeat track called Perfect Score. Perfect Score is the fifth track on the album and shows their more pop side. For someone who has never listened to State Champs, this is a great first song because it is a fitting representation of their style of music. Perfect Score is also very catchy and is a great song to listen to at any time.

Shane- Insecure

Having released a total of six songs, Shane is not well-known, but deserves a lot more recognition. His most “popular” song, Insecure, has a very upbeat tempo, but is still relaxing and soothing. Watching the music video for this  track is a great idea because it is definitely not your typical dance music video. The video depicts your typical love story, but with a lot more passion and dancing. You should listen to Insecure because even though it isn’t a new style of music, Shane’s voice transforms his songs into a soothing form of pop that makes you want to dance, but is also great for just sitting down and doing homework.

Beach Weather- Tremors

Beach Weather is another small pop rock band. They recently released an EP named Chit Chat. Tremors has a very strong beat and captivating lyrics. It is very “summery” and is great for those who are really into pop. This song is very similar in sound to many of Walk the Moon’s songs. So if you’re into Walk the Moon, Beach Weather is definitely a band you should check out.

Hayley Kiyoko- Gravel to Tempo

Her name may not be familiar, but her character Stella Yamada from Lemonade Mouth should ring a bell. After Lemonade Mouth, Kiyoko had her own solo music career, releasing a few EPs. Her most recent EP, Citrine, contains a track called Gravel to Tempo. Initially released with a music video, Gravel to Tempo is a song about letting go and just being yourself. Many of Kiyoko’s songs have inspirational messages and Gravel to Tempo is definitely one of them. This song is great if you’re into more pop and electric music.

The Heirs-Alright Goodnight

The Heirs is a very small band that almost no one knows and this is one of the main reasons you should listen to them. They are an indie-pop band consisting of five members. They are fronted by lead singer, Savannah Hudson. Savannah and her brother, Brandon, were on the eighth season of America’s Got Talent, starting their music career. After losing, they formed their own band and now they are touring nationally. This past summer, they were on Warped Tour 2016, which in itself is a big accomplishment. Alright Goodnight is a great introduction to The Heirs because of its new definition of pop. It defines their music style as a band and gets people excited for the albums to come.


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