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BSGE’s Movie Night: When Dory was Found

On the afternoon of Movie Night, students sat in groups, huddled with popcorn, candy, and soda, as they begin to watch the movie. The sounds of the opening of Finding Dory fill the room and the lights dim. The one hour and forty five minute movie came out on June 17th, 2016, but was available for play during Movie Night, which took place on Friday, December 9th. Tickets for admission were $5 before the event, while at the door they were $8. All the raised money went to the Toy Drive, the fundraiser in which advisories raised money to buy sick kids gifts for the holidays.

“When I first heard of Movie Night, I was interested, as no one had done it before,” said Danielle Gutkovich ’17. The movie played was determined by a school wide online survey, which asked for a vote on one of the movies from a list which included Kubo and the Two Strings, Middle School: Worst Years of my Life, Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory, Hotel Transylvania, and more. By plurality vote, “Finding Dory” was the selected movie. Fabbiha Islam ’20, one of those who planned the event, said that “The idea of movie night had been the idea of another classmate, and the idea seemed like a good one, so everybody had voted to organize a movie night.”

Students who went to the event had mixed opinions on their experience that afternoon. One student who went to see the movie, Farah Tantawy ’22, said, “I thought it would be a good opportunity to hang out with my friends, it was overall a positive experience.” Others agreed, saying the movie was fun and interesting. However, some people had differing opinions about the event that afternoon. “There weren’t a lot of people present,” claimed Jasson Carabajo ’20, a student who attended the event. Additionally Farah also stated, “I would not go again because it was not very organized. The picture and the sound were also not very good.” Others said that there were interruptions during the movie and that students were somewhat loud at times.

Despite the mixed opinions of Movie Night, it did help the toy drive, so that some money was raised. Armin Osmanovic ’20, who also was part of the planning of the event, had concluded that “the funds created from movie night had helped the funds in the toy drive, as it allowed our advisory to buy the gifts for the two kids we were assigned. While we did not raise as much as we had hoped, we had raised money, which ultimately helped reach the goal for the toy drive.” Perhaps when there is another event to raise money for a good cause, students may be more informed and interested to support them, so that kids who are not as fortunate as this community can be given the gifts they deserve.


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