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New Technology at BSGE

Computers. Most students use them all the time in school, whether simply for printing or for working on a major project. Both at home and at school, many could not imagine their lives without them. On the other hand, BSGE’s computers are not exactly high-quality. Many are old and cannot connect the to the Internet, or are just outdated. Only a small portion of our computers are the silver 2013 model Macbooks that both look excellent and perform satsifactorily. However, things might change soon for the better.

According to Shantanu, the technology teacher, BSGE is getting a grant of $70,000 from an organization called Reso A. This grant would cover “New equipment,  a full cart of new computers, several printers, and interactive whiteboards. We hit a snag, and we were at single grant of 70,000 originally, but the grants came from 2 different city councilman so we’re getting 35,000 each,” Shantanu explained. The brand new equipment could end up making a big impact on the school. However, Shantanu cautioned that it could take some time to get final results. The BSGE Administration decided to split the grant into two individual parts. On November 9, the first part of the grant was signed, and, according to Shantanu, “By the end of 2016, we should have the half grant that just got approved.” With the end of 2016 fast approaching, this could be very important news for BSGE.

With the various levels of usage and performance with the computers in BSGE, the concern regarding the change fluctuates. Some feel as though this will not have a large impact on BSGE life. For example, Kayla Powers ‘20 said, “We should spend the money wisely, and spend the 70,000 on the school instead, because the computers are fine.” However, she also feels that the computers are beneficial and “modern enough” for students to use. Some people think that the the grant is completely useless, as seventh grader Lesley Iazzag ‘22 said, “I honestly think we don’t need them.”

However, not everyone thinks that the grant is pointless. Meril Mousoom ‘19 said, “I think the extra stuff will actually be great, because we could expand our technology and the students’ lives would also get easier too; there would be more classes and students that could use laptops at once.” Shantanu also commented on the surplus of laptops, saying that his “plan is to get a new computer cart for my class, then take the computer in my room now and combine them, so we’ll have 2 full computer carts, and  spare computers in a safe to lend to teachers so they don’t borrow.”

Teachers have a completely different perspective. Ms. Kumar says that “If teachers are allowed to access the material that is going to be imported, than it could potentially end up being very helpful for both the teachers and the students”. As many people know, teachers often use the computers as well.

The laptops seem to be the most anticipated addition to the school’s arsenal of technology, but other items such as printers and smart boards will also be nice additions. With varying levels of appreciation for the incoming technology, this project could end up either hitting or missing the mark with students, but it will definitely have a big impact on BSGE.


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