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What foods do people want to try in 2017?

Every year, many foods go in and out of style. In 2013 millions of New Yorkers wanted Dominique Ansel’s doughnut-croissant hybrid known as the “cronut”, while in 2014, many were talking about “health foods” like kale or quinoa. In 2015 people raved about the ramen-burger by mastermind Keizo Shimamoto, and in 2016, New Yorkers loved the idea of ice cream piled onto gourmet shakes, such as those at Black Tap Burgers, or “sushi cones” called “temakis”, that many chefs across New York City, including Chris Jaeckle at Uma Temakeria brought Instagram and other websites. Nobody knows yet what 2017’s trend will be, but the foodies of BSGE are as excited to try new things as ever.  Some of their thoughts on the matter are:

“I actually don’t think I tried anything new in 2016. I think I’ve tried new restaurants but I tend to order the same dishes… I’m trying to think of new vegetarian dishes that go just beyond lentils and tofu” – Ms. Kumar

“I would consider myself a foodie. I had a California crab cake for the first time and it was really good. I want to try some of the best steak that’s around because I’m going for top quality this year” – Gregory Briggler ‘21

“I can’t remember what I had yesterday! I like different styles of food so I’m pretty open to different cuisines. There are different kinds of fish that I’ve tried, beyond those like salmon or tuna.” – Mrs. Jackson

“In Ise, Japan, I had a very unusual shrimp and dashi [a simple Japanese cooking stock] ice cream, and that really highlighted the sweet flavor in the shrimp. I like when chefs bring out the flavors of simple ingredients and maximize their flavor, and I think that was a great example.” – Mr. Rajiv

BSGE looks forward to healthy, sustainable food that still has plenty of quality and flavor. What foods do you want to try in the New Year?

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