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Advice for Lockers

Every student at BSGE has an assigned locker, but many do not use them to the full extent that they should. Here are some tips for using your locker!

  1. Not many people know when you can go to your lockers! Be aware when the teacher of your locker room lets you go to your locker. Some teachers let you go whenever you want to, but some teachers are very strict about when you can access your locker.
  2. If an issue rises with your locker, such as someone taking your locker, you can’t remember your combination, etc., contact Virge.
  3. Buy a locker divider! You can get a really good one off of Amazon or Staples. Most people use their lockers for their coats, and when they do, they just throw it into their locker and have a lot of trouble trying to get their binders and notebooks out, which delays them from their next class.
  4. Do not go to your lockers in the middle of a class period! It annoys everyone, including the class you’re leaving from, the teacher in your locker room, and the class in that room as well.
  5. Try to take smaller possessions from your locker home. You should probably do this so that you won’t have such a heavy bookbag.
  6. Try to keep an old hoodie in your locker! You never know when the school might feel chilly.
  7. “First of all, go to your locker first thing in the morning because that’s when it’s most convenient and when you have the most time… plus, when you go, grab a lot of stuff for multiple classes so that you don’t have to keep going back because then you’re probably going to be late,” said Shanizea Hussain ‘19
  8. “I suggest that you use your locker as much as you can, not necessarily between every single period per se, since we only have three minutes in between each period, but at least maybe before or after lunch or before advisory, or at the end of the school day, or the beginning of the school day, just make sure to plan your time and work accordingly with your schedule,” said Amanda Eng ‘19.
  9. Also, don’t be afraid to decorate your locker! It’s really fun to decorate it, especially when you decorate with stuff that you make yourself! Just don’t do any permanent damage to the locker, such as painting it, and/or putting nails in it. Here are some good ideas:

DIY ice cream cone garland


  1. 6 pieces of tissue paper of various colors
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  3. Brown construction paper
  4. String
  5. 2 hooks with adhesive on the back
  6. Needle and thread


  1. Crumple a piece of tissue paper into a ball by bringing the corners into the middle until it resembles an ice cream scoop.
  2. Slightly take it apart and put hot glue in the key spots where it needs to stick together, then crumple it back together. Repeat five times until you have six scoops in order to make 3 cones with 2 scoops each.
  3. Use a little bit of hot glue to put one scoop on top of another scoop. Then roll a piece of a square piece of brown construction paper (or wrapping paper) into a cone and secure it with hot glue. Then trim it so that it has a flat top. Then fold in the edges of the top so that there is an edge to put the hot glue on.
  4. Put some hot glue on the edge and put the 2 scoops of ice cream on the top of the cone.
  5. Take the needle and thread and put it through the top ice cream scoop so that you have two loose ends on each side. Then double knot them so that it’s kind of like an ornament. Then slip them onto a string and put them on 2 adhesive hooks and put it in your locker, then you’re done!

DIY instagram photo blocks


  1. Wood blocks that are around the same size as your picture
  2. Pictures printed out on cardstock
  3. Mod podge
  4. Sponge brush
  5. Scissors
  6. Magnets
  7. Hot glue or E6000 if the magnets don’t have adhesive on the back


  1. Trim the photos to the size of the wood blocks using the scissors.
  2. Then, using the sponge brush, apply some mod podge on the wood block and put the picture on it and smooth it down so that there are no air bubbles. Then seal it in with some more mod podge.
  3. Then put the magnet on the back of the block. If it doesn’t have adhesive on the back, then use some hot glue or E6000 to apply it. Then you’re done!

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