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Dealing With the Crowded Hallways and Stairways

Imagine needing to reach your next class in a hurry and getting delayed because the stairways and hallways are crowded with students who are all on the wrong side. A BSGE student has to deal with this problem in between almost every pair of class periods. Sometimes, people even get delayed because others are cutting them off or running in front of them. Two common ways to deal with this problem are brushing off these people or cursing them out. Which option is used more often and which one is better?

Numerous people believe brushing people off would be the best option. However, some people admit they curse others out. Samin Chowdhury ‘22 admits that he curses people out an extensive amount. But, cursing is a natural thing to do. Humans can’t really control their mouth in a rush or a bad mood. However, if you curse too loudly, just hope that there aren’t any administrators around you. If you have trouble holding back your swears, try using words to replace them. “Try saying flipping chicken licker to replace the F word,” suggests Liam Costello ‘22.  Wei Wei ’19 presented the alternative of sticking to a basic replacement such as “Frick”.

The crowded stairways and hallways aren’t going to get less crowded any time soon. All the problems of the moment are probably going to stay for a very long time. It’s important to remember that the main reason for people being on the wrong side of stairways and hallways is because they, just like you, are rushing to get to class. If you get angry at them for cutting you off or being on the wrong side, remember that you also have probably done the same thing as them. Go ahead and curse them out if you want, but try ignoring them. It would be hypocritical to swear at them when you’ve probably done the same. To those who cut others off, please try to  stop, no matter what kind of rush you’re in. Dealing with BSGE hallways and stairways isn’t as bad if you put your yoga lessons to practice and brush others off.  And if you’re the one cutting people off or bumping into them, do apologize.  It’s the least you can do.


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