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Putting the “Fit” in “Fitness”

From its original four seniors to the present eight, the Fitness Club has begun to grow, yet most students don’t know it exists. It was established to create a comfortable forum in which people can not only get their essential physical activity but also enjoy the experience with their friends in a judge-free zone.

The club leader, Mohammed Roshid ‘17, wanted to “work out during the week and inspire people to join the gym … [and] to try and get fit.” He explains that incorporating a fitness club into the building makes it possible for those who have a difficult commute to their local gym to work out. He does this for those he shares a similar story with. Mohammed explained that in the past few years he began going to the gym with his older brother, but found it difficult to make time during school days to work on his routine. Thus, he was inspired to motivate others with similar struggles to work out at school. Frequent club member Ryan Zhuo ‘17 expresses the same challenge.  He said, “My gym is too far from [my home] so coming here makes it a lot easier.” Not only is this club a great way to encourage physical activity, but it’s also very convenient. In fact, Ryan continued that the convenience is what he “likes most about the club.

Mohammed explained that each Tuesday the club begins with stretches led by him, saying “and then from there I ask everyone [about] their routine.” Next, the whole group starts “working on abs.” Mohammed believes this routine is enjoyable and beneficial for everyone because they are “all friends and…motivated.” Others agree about the feeling of the comradery offered by the club. All of its members interviewed appreciate its welcoming atmosphere.

When the club’s members first joined, they had high expectations for their experiences there. Most expected the club leader to know how to properly instruct the beginning stretches, for example. Brian Tenezaca ‘17 explained that he to learn the proper techniques for exercising from the club leader. His hope for the club was soon surpassed after he arrived at the first meeting.

Although the club has witnessed an increase in members due to their well organized routine, those who go can agree that there is still room for improvement. Mohammad plans on creating a stable routine. This way, he won’t have to “worry about what everyone else is doing.” Improving his setup will better organize the club, similar to how Mr. Powell and Mr. Mac organize their gym classes. Thus, everyone will be kept busy working out. Ryan also hopes for a better leadership role from Mohammed, which an improved routine can help attain. However, because of a lack of space for an actual gym, certain exercises do not have necessary gym equipment. Thus, Brian would like the purchase of “machines where you pull extensions so you can build more muscle.” Although the weight room is packed with treadmills and weights, Brian describes them as “stiff” and therefore finds it necessary to upgrade the current gym equipment.

The Fitness Club has grown from four to eight club members, and will hopefully continue to prosper and attract not only seniors but those in other grades as well. By taking into account possible improvements, the club is sure to fulfill its future members’ expectations.


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