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The Flapjack Fundraiser: Making More Than Just Profits

The Flapjack Fundraiser is an annual occurrence at BSGE that not only supports the school’s softball team, but also unifies the school community. This year it was “extremely successful,” according to team member Anela Salkanovic ‘20. The fundraiser provided the softball team with enough money to buy new jerseys and prepare for the upcoming season. It also gave them a chance to celebrate with teachers, parents, and other students in anticipation of their future victories.

The ticket sales are always the biggest producers of the team’s funds, but not the sole basis for the fundraiser’s success. Emily Costa ‘17, one of the team’s captains, explained that “raffles were a big deal” because they profited the team several hundred dollars. She continued, saying that these gains were one of the factors making the fundraiser “at least as good as last year’s…if not better.”

In addition to the fundraiser’s monetary successes, it allowed the team to get the school community involved. Approximately 100 teachers, parents, and students ventured out of their homes on that cool Saturday morning to support the team. Some, as softball player Sasha Valitutti ‘19 says, “weren’t even in the school anymore. Mr. Lakhaney, for example,…came and cheered us on.” Many are impressed by the amount of participation the event gathered. As Mr. Rabinowitz explained, “getting people to come out at 8 am on the weekend for anything is a challenge.” This fundraiser demonstrates that the people of the BSGE community are like a family.

The experience was enjoyable for those who attended and the team members at the event. Anela described how “the smiles on people’s faces” made the event more than just a fundraiser. It became an act of community. In fact, Mr. Rabinowitz felt that being served by his students “was the highlight of…[his] year.”

Although the fundraiser offered a rewarding experience, many team members thought of ways to improve next year’s event. Some suggested more ticket sales, since this year’s fundraiser was not a sell-out. Others advised earlier preparation so raffles could be better planned to increase sales. Yet, given the outstanding profits made this year topping them would be remarkable.

March’s flapjack fundraiser happened a long time ago, but its incredible success was carried by the softball team in all of their games. After all, “What do we do? STING!”



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