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BSGE Ranks #32

5th in the state and 32nd in the nation: BSGE’s US News and World Report rankings are in. Last year, the ranking was higher in the nation, at 28th place, yet the ranking in the state stayed the same.

So what do people think of this? Some people thought that this was significant to this school, and this ranking often affects people’s decisions to stay or leave. Reid Papafloratos ‘21 believes that there may be an obvious reason for the decrease in ranking this year, saying that “A lot of the specialized schools are taking away a lot of our eighth graders, soon-to-be ninth graders.” He’s hopeful that next year the rankings will go up when the new ninth graders come in.

On the other hand, some people don’t think the ranking is necessarily a good representation of the school as a whole. Mr. Mahajan, who has been a French teacher at BSGE for many years, has seen the effect of rankings on his students’ mindsets. “It’s nice to rank high, but sometimes you attract the attention of students that may not be really committed to our mission,” says Mr. Mahajan. “If that means that we get less of that and students are staying here for high school, then maybe a lower ranking is better.”

Tim David-Lang, the school’s guidance counselor, agrees. He believes that it’s not the rankings that determine the school’s excellence. As a result, relying on rankings to decide which school is best for someone isn’t the right decision. “A lot of us suffer from what’s called confirmation bias, so what that means is that when we’re looking to make a certain conclusion, we’ll go around and cherry-pick the information that we want,” he explains.

So what do you think about this year’s rankings? Do they matter at all?

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Arts and Creativity Club: The Creative Mission to Stop Hunger

IMG_4664Fundraisers are not uncommon in BSGE, especially with all the bake sales that take place. But recently, two eleventh graders, Lucia Zhu ’17 and Moshan Guo ’17, have taken a different approach to fundraising.

They have created the Aesthetic Arts and Creativity Club, where students make handmade crafts to donate to charities. “Once you’re in eleventh grade you have to do a CAS project and I think it’s a good opportunity to do something outside the community or outside the school to raise awareness,” explains Lucia.

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The Buzz: 2016 Valentine’s Day Activities

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“Ice skating with my friends and my Valentine.”

-Chloe Pan ’20