by Katherin O '11

Tan V. Skin Cancer

Remember hearing people say, “Hey make sure you put on sun lotion?” Well they have their reasons, and theyʼre not nagging you, theyʼre actually reducing your chance of getting skin cancer. Like when youʼre out in the beach and you want a tan, your mom is like “Sweet heart put on some sun screen youʼre going to get sun burned”. I know it gets annoying but hey like people say, par­ents know best. Ever heard of skin cancer? Thatʼs what you get when youʼre out in the sun without protection. Summer is right around the corner and Iknow that everyone is dying to go to the beach, and getting a suntan. Through

by Kristen S '11

The Burden for Boys

You always hear warnings for girls. Donʼt get pregnant, be strong, no abortion, no sex for you and worst of all, WHATʼS WRONG WITH YOU? Conver­sations always go something like, “how could she get pregnant? Her life is ruined forever.”

Iʼd just like to remind boys, girls and society in general that sex is a two way street and guys play a part in baby making too. So why donʼt they share the responsibility? Boys donʼt seem to get the blame but itʼs half their doing.

If itʼs going to ruin the girlʼs life shouldnʼt it ruin the boyʼs life to? The sad truth is that society doesnʼt

by Pamela R '11

The Choices You Make

Have YOU ever felt pressured to have sex? Do you think that by having sex will make you seem older? Sex thatʼs what practically every teenage boy and girl is talking about. Have you ever actually thought about the consequences about having sex? I mean what would happen if youʼre a girl and you have sex and then youfind out that youʼre pregnant, what would you do?Teenage pregnancy has been one of the biggest is­sues in our country.The National Center for Health (NCHS) has collected data obtaining the topic of Teenage Pregnancy. Within a period of 10 years (1990-2000) teenagepregnancy has dropped a total of 27 percent. A rateof teenage pregnancy was taken in 1990. 116.3 pregnancies per 1000 women (ages 15-19) were re­ported. This percentage was

by BACC Rag staff

Cheating on Your Homework Banned

According to Websterʼs dictionary, cheating means “to deal with dishonesty for oneʼs own gain.” Academically, it means to represent someone elseʼs work as yours. You can have someone else do your work for you, copy from a person, or even paraphrase an essay done by your friend; it is still called cheating.

Cheating on homework assignments is something that a kid does at one point or another during their time in school. Cheating shows someoneʼs inability to complete their work on time, and it represents bad study habits among students. Cheating will not get you very far, and it will hurt you more than it helps. Since students learn and get used to relying on

by BACC Rag staff

Sugar and Spice

A column for girls by a girl, about the creatures we share classrooms with called…BOYS!

In my last article, I mentioned the fact that boys want to be bad boys so wewill like them. In this article I am going to elaborate on that by talking about boys on Myspace. People are always talking about how girls need to be careful on the inter­net, with showing their picture and stuff,but what about these boys, with these top­less supposedly “gangsta” pictures. Iʼm sorry but there are some nasty pedophiles out there skipping all the girlsʼ pictures and looking for a nice ripe 13 or 14 year old boy they could fantasize about in the shower. All you nasties need to stop

by Olivia M '11

Mean Girl Syndrome

Whenever you imagine a bully, you usu­ally see a big, tough boy bullying other guys that are helpless and smaller than he is but that is not the only type of bullying that is happening these days. One of the most popular type of bullying these days is girl bullying. These girl bullies donʼt have fist fights or steal each otherʼs milk money like guys do, instead they “spread rumors, gos­sip, exclude others, share secrets, and tease girls about their appearance, clothes, and ability to do things.

In order to find out the characteristics of bullies I went on a website and it said that

by BACC Rag staff

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Elizabeth Olive

Elizabeth is working with Niki Singh as a student teacher. We chose her as this monthʼs teacher of the month because you canʼt not like Eliz­abeth. Even though sheʼs not an official teacher at BSGE she hasalready inspired the 8th graders she works with.

Full Name: Elizabeth Lithgow Olive Age: 24 Birthday: July 23 Zodiac Sign: Leo Hometown: New York City Ethnicity: Caucasian College: Harvard College

Favorites-Movie: “Waiting for Guffman” Food: Indian

T.V. Series: “The Office” Sport: Baseball / Basketball Team: Red Sox / Nets Season: Fall Day of the Week: Friday

If you had to place yourself into a stereotypical high school group(jocks, preppy, nerds) which one would it be?

Well, I graduated with only 24 in my class (and we were all girls), so Iʼd say we were really just one big group in high school. My classmates would probably have considered me somewhat of a jock since I spent

by BACC Rag staff

Battle of the Sexes: Which gender is more open to homosexual guys?

Girlʼs View

Well I believe through my point of view that we girls are
more likely to accept gay guys. I mean yea some of us
might have problems with the fact that theyʼre gay but that
shouldnʼt affect our friendship. Itʼs their choice to follow
theyʼre sexual orientation. I know that itʼs difficult for some
people to come out and tell their friends

by Jolijt T '11

Yearbook Review

I previewed the 2007 yearbook, Unscripted 2. This new and improved follow up to last yearʼs Unscripted is sure to be a hit. It was designed by Virge and the yearbook staff.Each grade has 3 pages. Many grades include pictures of everyone. Each grade had a themeand every grade did a good job of representing itself in the yearbook. My favorite theme was 9th gradeʼs Rock and Roll theme. It was hip and new. I think this new one is the best one yet. Itʼs really good and

by Jolijt T '11

The Music Concert

On Thursday, May 31, 2007 BSGE had its semian­nual music and dance performance. You could taste the thick layer of excitement and nerves the whole school day.

Mr. Sam Ulano, a well-known drum teacher, attended the concert. We asked him what he thought about the talent at our school. He replied, “Iʼm always amazed at what young people can do. If youʼre noticing, they have talent. Now we need to know how to develop that talent.” He compared music to a suit. According to Mr. Ulano, you need to know

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2012: The World’s Fate

by Kris K ’11

There are around 6 billion people living on Earth at this moment. Many people believe that in a mere three years the world’s population, all six billion people, will be wiped off the face of the Earth. There are a number of different prophecies and theories that all end with “The End.” The end of the world, that is.
People have always been predicting the Earth’s last year, month, day or even hour however, obviously, none of them have ever come true. June 6th, 2006 was apparently going to be the end of the world because of its symbolic date, 666. And a little over three years a later the Earth still stands. Before that we had the Y2K scare. Violent, planet-wide death was supposed to come with the turn of the millennium.
Unlike many previous so-called dates of the apocalypse many different theories exist that