Water on Mars!

Everyone has known for quite a long time that solid water - ice - forms on the Martian poles. But now, what scientists have confirmed is the existence of liquid, actually flowing on the surface of the planet. In 2011, NASA first noticed dark lines on the surface, appearing most prominently during the Martian summer. … Continue reading Water on Mars!

Welcome Class of 2021!

Going to a new school is hard, going to a different school without graduating from your old school is even harder, but add on the fact that you're in a challenging school, and it will probably a tricky transition. However, you’ll survive (we know that from experience), especially when you know all the special tips that 8th graders on … Continue reading Welcome Class of 2021!

The Overlooked Part of Your Routine Fruit

Bananas rank amongst some of the most popular fruits in the supermarket. During this last year, the retail giant Walmart reported that bananas sold more than any other item available within the store. Despite its popularity, not many people know about the history of the banana and contrary to popular belief the scientific findings are … Continue reading The Overlooked Part of Your Routine Fruit

Colossal Squid vs. Giant Squid – What’s the difference?

In December of 2013, fisherman John Bennett hauled in more then his dinner plate could fit. He hauled in a 770 pound colossal squid -- not to be confused with the giant squid -- from the Antarctic Ocean, still hanging onto the fish that Bennett wanted to catch. After eight months of being held in cold storage, the … Continue reading Colossal Squid vs. Giant Squid – What’s the difference?