New Technology at BSGE Reply

Computers. Most students use them all the time in school, whether simply for printing or for working on a major project. Both at home and at school, many could not imagine their lives without them. On the other hand, BSGE’s computers are not exactly high-quality. Many are old and cannot connect the to the Internet, or are just outdated. Only a small portion of our computers are the silver 2013 model Macbooks that both look excellent and perform satsifactorily. However, things might change soon for the better.

According to Shantanu, the technology teacher, BSGE is getting a grant of $70,000 from an organization called Reso A. This grant would cover “New equipment,  a full cart of new computers, several printers, and interactive whiteboards. We hit a snag, and we were at single grant of 70,000 originally, but the grants came from 2 different city councilman so we’re getting 35,000 each,” Shantanu explained. The brand new equipment could end up making a big impact on the school. However, Shantanu cautioned that it could take some time to get final results. The BSGE Administration decided to split the grant into two individual parts. On November 9, the first part of the grant was signed, and, according to Shantanu, “By the end of 2016, we should have the half grant that just got approved.” With the end of 2016 fast approaching, this could be very important news for BSGE. More…


BSGE Basketball Season Recap Reply

BSGE’s boys’ varsity basketball team played a total of 14 official games this season, 7 games at home and 7 away. Overall, they had a win to loss record of 3-11. The boys basketball team had an average of about 41 points per game. The team also played a total of 6 non-league games, playing 3 games as home team and 3 as away team. In the non-league games, the win to loss record was 0-5, with one tied game. Overall, the average number of points made per game was about 41 again. Here’s what the coach, Mr. Anderson, had to say about the team’s performance this season. “The results of the games were a bit disappointing, but many of the young or inexperienced people learned a lot during this season and will play better next season.” He added that “the outcome will definitely be different next season, as BSGE now has its own gym to practice in away from school.” He is optimistic about future seasons. More…

The Effects of Music on the Working Brain Reply



Everyone has a preferred method of studying or completing homework, and for many students, this involves listening to their favorite music, despite the fact that parents and teachers often warn against this strategy. Some researchers claim that classical music is the most beneficial genre to listen to while working, while others suggest that any music is acceptable. In fact, some argue that listening to music while doing homework can potentially increase your IQ level. More…

Yoga For Academically Advanced Students

In challenging schools like BSGE, we know that students have a lot of work to complete, at school and at home. Unfortunately, this tight schedule doesn’t allow for much exercise, possibly causing some unwanted weight and stress to build up. Daytime school and nighttime homework make it hard for a student to use their free time to the best of their ability. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem that has been around for about 4000 years, and the best part is that it doesn’t take much time out of your day.

This solution is yoga, believe it or not. Although many believe that gym is the more ideal option for fitness, which is sometimes true, yoga is actually a great choice for people with tight schedules. While hitting the gym is best for cardiovascular exercise and building up muscle using weights and exercise machines, yoga is considered by many experts to be the best for overall fitness, mentally and physically. Also, yoga is safer than going to a gym as it does not leave people vulnerable to injuries sustained by using the various machinery and equipment incorrectly. Yoga doesn’t require much equipment, meaning it can be done almost anywhere and it is easier on the body than the arduous efforts needed in gym. Yoga’s effects have been evident for quite a long period of time, and yoga clubs are popular in schools as well as fitness centers across the city. More…

Welcome Class of 2021! Reply

Going to a new school is hard, going to a different school without graduating from your old school is even harder, but add on the fact that you’re in a challenging school, and it will probably a tricky transition. However, you’ll survive (we know that from experience), especially when you know all the special tips that 8th graders on the Bacc Rag have for you!

  • Making study guides for tests is a really good idea.
  • Try to stay on top of the material you are covering in class.
  • Do your homework the night it is assigned! Teachers will often assign projects and tests unexpectedly, and having a bit of flexibility will come in handy as things get tough.
  • Organize your homework and test dates all in one place, so you don’t have to flip through five separate books; buying a planner from the school or using a personal notebook would probably be the best.
  • Get add-ons like Productivity Owl (for Chrome) and Leechblock (for Firefox) to help with your productivity.


Farewell Michael Vlahovic! Reply

MichaelMichael Vlahovic, a temporary member of BSGE’s staff, is now leaving our school. He stayed at BSGE for over a month and was an assistant to Mr. Rajiv, the French teacher. He is in a Teacher Certification Program and is training to be a French teacher. As a requirement in the program, he was required to do “fieldwork,” which in this case was getting hands-on experience in a school. Upon being asked why he chose BSGE for his fieldwork, he said “I was interested in seeing classes that were taught by good teachers and exceptional students.” When asked what he will do once he leaves BSGE, he said that he will complete the Certification Program and then go on to find a position of his own as a French teacher. During his time at BSGE, students have enjoyed his company and believe he has done well as a French teacher. “He came in at the express interest of becoming a French teacher” says French teacher Mr. Rajiv, “and he decided to come and train as a French teacher.” He worked in Mr. Rajiv’s room, helping out with small things and sometimes taking over full lessons. He had been praised by both students and teachers on how supportive and helpful he is. “He helped out with written assignments and class work, so when Mr. Rajiv is working with other students, [he] would come around to others so it’s double the help,” according to Andrea V ‘19. Outside the classroom, Mr. Vlahovic is a multitalented person who is fluent in several languages and very well-traveled. He was born in California and learned to be fluent in French while in college and also had the opportunity to travel to France. He has also also been to Africa, the French Caribbean, and China. When he came back to the US, he received a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, which relates to language learning and teaching. We will miss Mr. Vlahovic after he leaves BSGE and we hope he is successful with his future endeavors.