Choosing the Right High School: 3 Case Studies Reply

Every year around early March, eighth graders have to make the decision of whether they want to stay in BSGE or attend another school for high school. Though many students decide to stay in this school, some decide to switch. Their new schools are different from BSGE and students take time to adapt to their environments. Two former BSGE eighth graders and a current BSGE freshman were interviewed about their thoughts on their current high schools.

The first student interviewed was Sasha Spajic ‘19. She chose to go to Stuyvesant High School, a Specialized High School in Manhattan. Sasha commented that there are many more clubs and activities offered at Stuyvesant, which she attributed to its larger physical size and student population. She also said that people appeared to be in a greater rush to get somewhere during and after school, which was different from the somewhat laid-back atmosphere at Baccalaureate.  She continued by saying, “Stuyvesant was hard to adapt to at first, unlike BSGE where I was able to make friends quickly.” Nonetheless, she chose to attend Stuyvesant rather than BSGE because she believed that Stuyvesant offered more courses, academic activities,  and after-school activities to choose from. The major downside for her is that Stuyvesant is less accessible, since she lives in Queens but Stuyvesant is downtown. The only similarity Sasha mentioned is that she didn’t feel a change in the workload in either school. More…


New CAS Requirements Reply

The Creativity, Activity—formerly called Actionand Service Program, usually referred to as the CAS Program, is an essential part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program through the 11th and 12th grade. CAS, one of the three core parts of the IB program in addition to Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, promotes personal development as well as expanding creative interests through work that challenges individuals and helps others. In Creativity, creative thinking and the arts are the main focuses. Activity focuses on “physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.” Finally, in Service, volunteer work is a platform for gaining a learning opportunity for the student. In addition to participating in such activities, students must make personal and group reflections to show how their work is interwoven with the CAS learning outcomes. More…

BSGE’s Welcomes a Class of New Ninth Graders Reply

As the new 2015-16 school year kicks off to a start, many new seventh grade students find themselves quickly adjusting to BSGE’s atmosphere. However, another new group of students is a handful of new ninth graders who were accepted to BSGE through the high school application process, in order to fill the empty seats left by eighth graders who transferred out of BSGE. Each year, some students leave BSGE to attend other public and private high schools, and as a result a limited number of seats are available for applicants. In the end, fifteen lucky ninth graders students from all over the city were admitted to BSGE.

Though most current ninth graders (Class of 2019) have been in BSGE for a good two years, these few new high schoolers are just beginning to adapt to the IB-focused environment. They have mixed first impressions about the school, but most of these students agree that the school offers a different perspective on education. More…

Lasko’s Lovely Labs Reply

With the school year drawing to a near end, BSGE seventh graders are getting a taste of the kind of work they must do further on in their BSGE career. A good example of this would be the recent two lab reports assigned in science class. Unlike anything a seventh grader has ever done before, the lab reports certainly had an effect on how students viewed their workloads, be it a positive or negative one.

Starting off with an in-class lab experiment, students must collect reliable data, and then produce a report that interprets, draws conclusions from, and reflects on their collected data. With the entire process and report being a rather lengthy process, some students who are still adapting to their new environment and workload see this as a good thing, while others are happy to get this leg of the race over with.

Despite some of the negative opinions on the report and its process, the majority of seventh graders consider it beneficial to their future academic career, writing abilities, and even time management skills. More…

Fewer Students in BSGE: What Does That Mean? Reply

Two years ago, there were 109 students in the BSGE seventh grade. Now there are 85. Does that mean that BSGE’s graduating class sizes are getting smaller each year? Is our reputation suffering? This is what some people think when they hear these numbers. It seems like it, but the truth is much more straightforward.

In the 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 school years, there were four streams of 7th graders which allowed for a much bigger overall number: 99 and 109 respectively. For the last two years there have only been three streams which accounts for the smaller number. During those years with four 7th grade streams, there were only 2 streams of 11th and then 12th grade to ensure that there were enough rooms for all the classes.

One student, Katia B. ‘20 said, “the amount of More…

Seventh Grade Sleep Survey Reply

Sleep. We need a lot of sleep. We all want sleep because we are all tired at the end of a long day. We all need sleep because we need the energy to go through a day of learning and work. However, do we all get sufficient amounts of sleep?

According to many sources, a person should receive about 8-9 hours of sleep to be able to get enough rest in order to fully restore their body for the next day, and fully become energized for what is to come. Additionally, the National Institute of Health states that in today’s fast-paced society the average person only sleeps about seven hours per night, which is below the 8 hour minimum.

Is this how much sleep kids in high demanding schools such as BSGE, whose bodies are very dependent to sleep each and every day receive? Thirty random seventh graders were surveyed, and according to those results, 7th graders, for the most part, do not receive enough sleep. More…

The Issue of Bullying Within BSGE Reply

We should all know that bullying is in fact a problem in our society, and it is even more evident in places with greater amounts of people living there. Bullying affects many things in one’s everyday life, so it is especially important to have bullying under control. Not only are you subject to physical bullying, but also you are mental and emotional bullying.

A lot of people may or may not have experienced bullying directly, however it is a very important issue. Interestingly enough, a recent study came out to show that nearly one in every five kids in New York City public high-schools has been a victim of bullying. As surprising as that may sound, the problem of bullying does not seem to be too widespread in BSGE. Or is it?

As agreed by most sources, bullying can be classified as unwanted, aggressive, repeated behavior among people. These interactions usually involve power imbalance. This may seem as a rare sighting in BSGE, however many times, victims of bullying will stay silent because of their feeling of isolation and helplessness.