by Amirah C '09 A Symbol of Mistrust?

Many students at BSGE have been acquainted with the tool known as For those who have not, listen up and prepare yourselves for some helpful advice: plagiarism is wrong and increasingly harder to get away with. More and more monitoring programs have been developed to identify papers that have been plagiarized. is the active anti-plagiarism system at BSGE. is among many new online tools used in schools to monitor and scan student-submitted work for signs of plagiarism. More specifically, Turnitin compares papers submitted to the site from users to others submitted to the site along with documents on the internet. An article published by the New York Sun, entitled “High Tech War Against Plagiarism is Coming To New York” succinctly details what the site exactly

by Amirah C '09

Van Gogh, Picasso and BSGE Class of 2008

of Education
Building on Queens
Borough Plaza, this
years IB Art Show
was one of the most
successful and classiest,
yet! The fantastic
and interesting
work of BSGE’s own
graduating class not
only livened up the
bland, cubicled room
their work occupied,
but also managed to
capture the attention of
dozens of students and
a few outsiders. The