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Ten Tips for New Bees

1. Be polite, stay to the right.
2. Ask yourself: Can I fit a person in my bag? If yes, get a smaller one.
3. You can get action hours by swimming in the fifth floor pool. Yes, the fifth floor.
4. Procrastination is inevitable. Shh, just go with it.
5. Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway unless you want to get body-slammed.
6. Thirsty? Fourth floor water fountains are the best!
7. Don’t PANIC about your work. Save that for later.
8. Learn what IB stands for. And learn how to s-p-e-l-l it.
9. Go to the dances. We need your $$$ money $$$.
10. Donate your locker to a junior 🙂

by Ana M '14

The Hunger Games!

Happy Hunger Games! But was it really, though? Last month marked the big screen premiere of Harry Potter 2.0- err, the Hunger Games, and people went capital C crazy. I couldn’t walk through the hallways without hearing “OMG HUNGER GAMES” or something about how “hot” Josh Hutcherson is. People were staying up all night to watch the midnight premiere and hustling to read the whole series before the movie came out, which seems a little counter-productive to me- if you’re not already a fan of the books, why not just wait a week to see what happens in the movie? Why put in the extra effort to read the books super fast when you can just watch it and be surprised? But I digress. For some reason, I never got into the Hunger Games like most people did. Yes, I did read the first two books, and I did get pretty excited to watch the movie, but I was never a hardcore fan of it. I think my expectations, of both the books and the movie, were what led to my ambivalence towards the whole series.
But about the movie. The first problem I had with it was with its shaky camera work. Seriously, I spent half the movie with a raging headache and whiplash because whoever was holding the camera was suffering through a

by Ana M '14 Reviews BSGE

The website is known for reviewing high schools all over New York, and now, they have reviewed our very own BSGE. In fact, last week, we were even featured on the front page, which is screen-capped below. The website ranks schools based on criteria ranging from daily attendance to college readiness. There is a pros and cons list, and a slideshow of pictures taken in the school. Students and parents can also leave comments, agreeing or disagreeing with the review.
BSGE received good marks in almost every criteria: a 98% graduation rate, 95% daily attendance, a 94% six year graduation rate (percent of students who graduate within six years) and

by Ana M '14

2012: It’s the End of the World (Maybe)

The idea of the apocalypse is everywhere- the news, in movies, in lame Facebook groups. There’s even a website with a countdown clock on it. According to someone, somewhere, in some time period a really long time ago, the world will end in December of this year. This claim isn’t based in science, or religion, or in anything that makes remotely any sense at all. Apparently, the Mayan calender stopped in 2012, which gives everyone a reason to lose their cool

by Ana M '14

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review

For those who don’t know (or should I say don’t care, because everyone knows, whether they want to or not), Breaking Dawn, the what-should-be-the-last-but-Summit-entertainment-decided-that-they-haven’t-made-enough-money-off-it-yet-so-they-broke-it-into-two-so-technically-second-to-last movie of the popular Twilight series came out a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure how to describe it, because there are many factors that go into determining its quality. Was it bad compared to the books? Bad compared to the rest of the movies? Or just bad compared

by Ana M '14

An Abundance of Seventh Graders

This year, another stream of seventh graders was added to the BSGE community. There are now four streams instead of three, and 100 students instead of the usual 75. This is an adjustment for everyone for many reasons including space in the school. The hallways seem to be a lot smaller than usual, and going up and down the staircases takes more time than it should. However, there is a good reason for this change. Ms. Johnson says that in order to offset budget cuts, the school had to add 25 more students to the seventh grade. More students in the school means more money that the school receives, and this money will go towards supplies and funding for our benefit. Having more seventh graders now will help BSGE in the long run. To compensate for the new stream, the current 11th grade shrunk from three streams last year to two this year. There were other changes as well including Dr. Helfenbein teaching one section of 7th grade Science, Ms Ellman teaching one section of 8th grade Humanities and Mr. Noor teaching one section of 10th grade Math.

by Ana M '14

The Problem with LMFAO

Who let these idiots into the music business? I am genuinely curious. Was it meant to be a joke on the general public or did someone, somewhere legitimately think this was a good idea? Listen to any one of the songs off their album “Party Rock” and I guarantee you will lose at least a fraction of your brain cells, if there are any left all (after all, you just WILLINGLY chose to listen to an LMFAO song. Years of therapy cannot undo this).
All their songs sound the same: a generic, computer-generated beat topped with vulgar lyrics about “shuffling” and “a passion in my pants (and he ain’t afraid to show it).” The words are spoken,

by Ana M '14

Movie Review: Yes Man

I walked into this
movie thinking it was going
to be a waste of time and
money. After all, previous
Jim Carrey movies didn’t
exactly give this movie
a good reputation (think
“Liar, Liar“ and “Bruce
Almighty”; you get my
point.). But I was still curious
about the plot of this
movie, a man who can only
say yes to everything. So,

by Ana M '14

Movie Review: Puts the “Wow” In “Chihuahua

Just when you thought we didn’t need another talking animal movie…
In “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, Drew Barrymore is the voice of the lead character, a spoiled Chihuahua from Beverly Hills named Chloe. When her owner goes on a vacation where dogs are not allowed, she leaves her self absorbed, irresponsible niece, Rachel, to look after Chloe. While taking care of Chloe, Rachel decides to take a