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New Technology at BSGE

Computers. Most students use them all the time in school, whether simply for printing or for working on a major project. Both at home and at school, many could not imagine their lives without them. On the other hand, BSGE’s computers are not exactly high-quality. Many are old and cannot connect the to the Internet, or are just outdated. Only a small portion of our computers are the silver 2013 model Macbooks that both look excellent and perform satsifactorily. However, things might change soon for the better.

According to Shantanu, the technology teacher, BSGE is getting a grant of $70,000 from an organization called Reso A. This grant would cover “New equipment,  a full cart of new computers, several printers, and interactive whiteboards. We hit a snag, and we were at single grant of 70,000 originally, but the grants came from 2 different city councilman so we’re getting 35,000 each,” Shantanu explained. The brand new equipment could end up making a big impact on the school. However, Shantanu cautioned that it could take some time to get final results. The BSGE Administration decided to split the grant into two individual parts. On November 9, the first part of the grant was signed, and, according to Shantanu, “By the end of 2016, we should have the half grant that just got approved.” With the end of 2016 fast approaching, this could be very important news for BSGE.

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The Buzz: What Halloween costume are you wearing?

One Donald J. Trump, Daniel Sahr ‘20, appeared at BSGE
Rummana Amrin ‘17 dressed in a full body bear costume.

by Anab K '20

BSGE Fitness Room Gets a Makeover

The second floor fitness room is used by most BSGE students who have gym for their physical education class. Some students even like to go to the fitness room after school and work out then as well. The room has recently been renovated, with the addition of a mirror and the rearrangement of equipment. However, there are still more changes to come.

Margaret Pasach, the parent coordinator, explained the process of renovating the room. “The PTA worked on getting money from the councilman, because the machines were in disrepair. And he came through. They’d been working on it for 2 years. They were able to bring in enough money to redo the fitness room.” The floors were repainted a bright blue, and mirrors now line the wall behind the weight racks. Some machines, however, were removed, like the equipment for lateral pulldown, and a dysfunctional machine that is supposed to work out the legs but now only serves as a rest station. Over the summer, new machines will be added, like new bicycles, since many of the current bicycles are not entirely functional.

by Anab K '20

Investigating BSGE’s Water Quality

Even if all water fountains are created equal, their quality can change over time, and we wanted to investigate the water quality on every floor of BSGE. There are two water fountains on each floor, one tall and one shorter. We found that all the smaller fountains were of lower quality when considering three factors of temperature, murkiness, and pressure.

The first floor water fountains are an interesting case. The two fountains are in front of the security guard’s desk, excluding the one in the lunchroom, which has been out of order, as well as the cafeteria’s water cooler. The water from the smaller fountain has a colder temperature than the larger one, at 16 degrees Celsius. However, the larger one, at 17.1 degrees Celsius, has much clearer water than the smaller one. Although the small water fountain did not have really murky water, it was relatively unclear. In terms of water pressure (how much water came out of the fountain and at what speed), the larger fountain wins. It sprays water at a more forceful rate, with a larger arc of water.  If you had to make a choice between the two water fountains on the first floor, the larger water fountain would win due to its pretty cold water and much higher cleanliness than the other one.

by Anab K '20

Raising Grades Before Progress Reports

Grades are among the topmost concerns of students across the world, especially those in honor programs such as International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or Advanced Placement courses. At BSGE, students of all ages, from the newer 7th graders to the older MYP and IB candidates are aware of the critical role grades play in a student’s educational career. As we are now approaching the second marking period of the second semester, students are focusing on raising their grades before progress reports, and, eventually, before final report cards.

Students enjoyed varying levels of success with first semester report cards. Relatively new to the school, Meril Mousoom ’21, says “I got what I expected but not what I wanted.” BSGE students are almost always faced with this problem, trying to achieve high scores but not quite meeting their goals.