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BSGE Demystifies IB

Have you ever wondered what our school name BSGE means? It stands for Baccalaureate School for Global Education and it refers to the IB (International Baccalaureate) program established in BSGE in 2005. The IB program has been applied to over 4,000 schools (public and private) in 147 countries, over one quarter of them in the United States and 24 in New York. Students of these schools are aged 3-19. Our school focuses on two of the four programs, the pre-diploma program and the diploma program. In this program students aged 16-19 follow a rigorous two-year curriculum leading to the final examinations. This program helps students to develop physically, emotionally,

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Opinion Piece: Statewide Exams

Ugh! was the exclamation that crossed my lips when I realized the statewide exams were this April. It’s a tedious thing. No one sane would be willing to sit through three days of ELA and math examinations and read the most boring passages ever written or spend ninety minutes crunching numbers.

statewide exams

This terrible thing is not only a “New York thing”. All other forty-nine states have their own form of statewide tests for public schools. Many of these state tests are taken only from third to eighth grade. Some states like Alaska and Kansas have children take state tests third through twelfth grade. There are complaints all over the internet about state tests being ridiculous. Californians have accused their common core state test as overly complex math for such young students. New York City residents are blaming their rise in taxes on these states, or as they call it, “Cuomo Core Test experiment”.

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Tough Relations Between Ukraine and Russia

The world has been watching Ukraine’s crisis that has been going on since Autumn of 2013. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Ukrainians have debated whether their country should agree to join the European Union (also known as E.U) or continue to hold strong ties with Russia. The country has been literally split in half.


The western part of the country mainly supports the idea of merging with the E.U. Their explanations are that joining with the E.U promotes free movement of people, goods, and services. If under the E.U., Ukraine would operate as a state of a country rather than an actual country. The eastern part of Ukraine mainly supports stronger ties with Russia. This would involve not joining the E.U. Russians don’t want to lose Ukraine because they do not want to share resources.

Disputes between Ukrainians have become so tense that in March, Crimea seceded from Ukraine to join Russia. Tuesday, March 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty that announced Crimea would be part of Russia. Many Ukrainian officials and the Ukrainian president criticized the treaty. They stated that it was illegal by the Ukrainian constitution for Crimea to secede. Russian officials and President Putin on the other hand stated it was legal according to the first article of the U.N. charter.

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Frostbite Threat in New York City

Sometimes winter can get very extreme even in New York City. It was just on the morning of the 7th of January that temperatures dipped under 10 Fahrenheit. At below freezing, there is threat of frostbite.
Frostbite occurs when one stays in below freezing temperatures for a long time. It usually attacks the body parts such as the fingers, toes, cheeks, nose, and chin. It causes skin to become pale and when rubbed red and feel stung. This could be easily treated by applying warm water to affected areas and staying out of the cold. However in extreme

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BSGE Band Performs at Sunnyside Center

On Friday the 13th of December, Ms. Nikkolos’ orchestra performed at Sunnyside Center (a senior center). They played six band pieces and three solos during the afternoon. The concert went smoothly, and the seniors enjoyed listening to the music while they ate lunch. Elijah H ’18 found the experience very rewarding. “I felt happy because I was bringing love and happiness to others,” he explained. Ms. Nikkolos felt that the concert was “fabulous.” “It is a joy to see our BSGE musicians work so hard and make so many people happy,” she added. Xandy ’19 remarked that “it was fascinating.”

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Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are coming up and they are a time to give gifts to others. Here are some ideas for each type of person in your life:

-Magnifying Glass from Barnes and Nobles($39.95)
-The Complete Sherlock Holmes($18)781934175209_p0_v2_s114x166
-DVD of Elementary show($31.94)



-Rubiks Cube ($10)
-Sketchbook (price varies based off size)

-Soccer ball($30)
-Badminton racket set of two with birdies ($40)
-Armband for iPod ($20)

Hopeless Romantic
-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen ($10)
-Bouquet of roses($15)
– Book of love poems($10)

Sleepy People(basically everyone)
-Pillow Pet($10)
-Sleep mask($10)

-note saying “I owe you a present”(a piece of paper)
-Egg timers($10)


Annoying Peopleimgres
-Grogger, a noise maker($6)
-blow horn ($12)
-6 Ping Pongs ($5)

-Food (varies)
-Spoon (Steal one from the cafeteria for free)

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December Snow

On Sunday December 8th, snowflakes floated onto rooftops, gently settled on tree branches, and nestled onto the cold ground. It was the first time it snowed this December.
Though snow makes a beautiful white landscape in the city, it poses threat to people. Heavy snow on roads could prevent people from traveling. Snow also causes sidewalks to be slippery, trapping people when falling from roofs, and giving people the cold. In 2010 Mayor Bloomberg has sent out snow plows too late to find many cars abandoned because they could not move and two people dead because of complications of Ambulances getting to hospitals quickly. Though snow could be dangerous people like Emanuella considered the efforts restaurants and the MTA of putting out salt to be “exaggerated.” Snowfall in New York City this December so far has not exceeded three inches.

The rest of America on the other hand has received a massive winter storm. In Minnesota people received as much as 1 to two feet of snow and Montana had temperatures reaching as cold as -25 Fahrenheit on Thanksgiving. This weather has caused over 250,000 homes in Texas alone to lose power and 11 people to die in the mid west, some in car accidents caused by poor visibility according to Fox News.
Eighth graders alike said they liked snow. Rayna Sinef ’18 said she would like it to snow more often because “it rarely ever snows, it would be nice to have a change and have fun in the snow.” With snow people could build snowmen, make snow angels, and sled down hills. There are many winter sports such as tubing, skiing, and figure skating that will be displayed in the in the Winter Olympics in 2014 starting February 7.
People such as Nicole Svirinavichiyus ’18 claimed with worry “I think snow has sadly decreased over the years.” Numerous studies have shown that the amount of snow on average has been decreasing for over thirty years, possibly as a result of increases in carbon dioxide emissions.

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BSGE’s Science Class Mobiles

For several years Mr. Laskowski has assigned mobile projects to seventh graders towards the end of the school year. For this project seventh graders have to create a mobile of fourteen balanced distinct objects based off a chosen theme. Students work with partners to accomplish this goal and have a target of balancing two objects each science class.

The project has been a difficult project, as students face many obstacles. One reason is that “objects kept falling apart,” Justin Hamlin ‘17 remarks. Other obstacles include wooden levers breaking, strings not swinging, strings loosening, mobiles unbalancing, and the objects breaking. Mr. Laskowski speaks of unfortunate events of grading finished mobiles of prior seventh graders, such as entire mobiles crashing and objects loosening from

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BSGE’s New Origami Club

746px-Origami-craneBSGE has a new Origami Club this year where students from various grades come each Wednesday during 8th period to the Yoga Room to fold papers into interesting figures with Ms. Jackson, the advisor for the club. Anyone can go to the Origami Club even if they have few skills in origami or have no clue of how to do anything with paper.
The club is not structured like a class. Interested students show up and can work by themselves or learn from each other. Students are also allowed to use their phones to research how to create figures.
7th grader Annie Cheng, who is an origami enthusiast, sometimes teaches other students what she knows. Origami Club member, Stephanie Mach ’18, says, “Origami is