A MasterChef Among Us

A TV celebrity roams the narrow hallways of BSGE and his name is Josh Reisner '21. Josh was a finalist in the competitive television show “MasterChef Junior.” A temporary home to the top 16 young chefs in America, MasterChef Junior features desperate culinary battles for a chance to win a prize of $100,000. Josh, aged … Continue reading A MasterChef Among Us

Stitch to Enrich: Sewing For A Cause

Stitch to Enrich, a new club at BSGE, held its first meeting on Thursday, November 5th. The club, created by Amelia Chen ‘18 and me, Camilla Khan ‘18, combines art and community service. Club meetings are held every Thursday from 2:15 to 3:15 in the art room with Mr. Sheridan as the club advisor. During this time, … Continue reading Stitch to Enrich: Sewing For A Cause

Gender Gaps In BSGE and Other NYC Public Schools

The number of female students versus male students in high schools varies over New York City. BSGE’s population consists of more female students than male students. Like BSGE, Townsend Harris High School and Forest Hills High School also have a majority of girls attending these schools. On the other hand, Specialized High Schools like Bronx Science … Continue reading Gender Gaps In BSGE and Other NYC Public Schools

Study Drugs & Energy Drinks: “It’s Not Healthy But It’s Helpful”

The workload at schools such as BSGE can get quite heavy. Students go to school and work all day, come home, start homework, and often finish just in time to get a few hours of sleep. There is almost no time to spend it with friends or any other after school activity. The more years … Continue reading Study Drugs & Energy Drinks: “It’s Not Healthy But It’s Helpful”

Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute

Eighth graders from BSGE and other schools around the city have been given the opportunity to join the Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute. It is a five week program that encourages students to learn more about law. Not only does it teach kids about law, but it also helps the participants improve their time management, test-taking and writing … Continue reading Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute