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Welcoming in the 2009-2010 Girls Basketball Varsity season

After going 4-4 just two years ago, the BSGE Sting Girls Varsity basketball team doubled their numbers in 2009, finishing the season with a solid 8-8 record. A fifth place spot in the conference means that Baccalaureate is slowly, but surely climbing the ranks of Queens High School basketball.
“The reason for success in last year’s season was our determination. The games that we did best in were the ones that we really gave our all,” said Kristen Spang, star forward. That same heart that Spang refers to is what allowed the Sting to finish last season surging, completing the season on a 4-1 hot streak.
The reason for last year’s consistency was simple: defense. Of their

by Daniel F '10

Softball Preview

The BSGE Softball
Sting have taken the
first steps to the spring and
begun preparing for the upcoming
The girls, not
head coach Virge Ramos,
have organized 7th period
weekly workout sessions
for Tuesdays and Thursdays,
with intentions of
increasing agility and more
importantly speed. One of
the problems, even from

by Daniel F '10

BSGE Baseball Preview

J u s t
s e v e n
months after
the end of their
last season, the
BSGE Sting baseball
team has begun
spring training.
While the cold air
continues to sting (no pun
intended) and the temperature
rings in right around
the 30’s and 40’s, the boys’
team practices in the gym,
now weight training for a
month. The sessions take
place after sixth period
Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and
Thursday’s, however, now
into late February, the team
is doing partial outdoor
practices in preparation for
potential Mid-march season
opening games.
While the team
concluded their season
10-4, a large part of the
starting 9 was lost, as well
a key group out of the
starting rotation. Pitchers
Nick and Chris Alvarez are
gone, along with starting
catcher Frankie Alvarez.

as the Alvarez
broth- ers,
BSGE suffered the loss
of infielder Jamal Waire,
who now plays for Molloy.
Senior’s Josh Valladares,
John Kunicki and Sean
Chin are gone as well. This
means that certain spots
are open, and players have
the opportunity to join last
years .700 ball club. Speak
to Coach MacDonald,

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Getting To Know The BSGE Boy’s Team

– BSGE has begun their season 0-7, the second consecutive season they have done so.
– Justin Greene is leading the team in rebounding, notching 19 in his most recent effort.
– Vincent Dillon has the team’s only double-double of the season, also coming in his most recent game, recording 20 points and 11 boards.
– BSGE’s first starting five of the season was Oren Shafir, Vincent Dillon, Justin Greene, Jehan Shams and Malcolm Hackworth.
– BSGE was not allowed to bring any fan support into the Newcomers’ home gym, even while they had over 60 supporters. It’s a fault on the PSAL to disallow opposing fans in away buildings, especially in a league with teams so close to each other. Fans interested in attending BSGE Sting games at the Academy of American Studies/Newcomers building should contact PSAL, as will BaccRag, and inquire this rule’s lack of sensebility.
– BSGE has 14 games remaining, with two games each against Robert F. Wagner and Aviation, both of whom the Sting have already faced.

by Daniel F '10

Boys Team, Sting’s Season (so far)

Three weeks and seven games into the season, BSGE has yet to see a victory. The long and short of this season has been seven losses, all by twenty points of more. Mr. Anderson’s crew, mostly returning players from last year, has struggled to find a flow on the offensive side of the ball, with an overwhelming amount of turnovers to start off the ’08-’09 campaign. After finishing last year with a hard-fought win, the Sting have yet to find their rhythm.
BSGE’s first game of the season was also their first at home; a 31-75 loss. The Sting started off strong on the ball, trailing by only nine in the first quarter. However, the second quarter saw the game get blown open, as

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Vince Dillon- Leading The Way to Sting Victory

   Vince Dillon, standing a full 6’2 ¾’, has never been given the shot to captain a team, until now. With the loss of last year’s center Josh Valladares, the BSGE Boys basketball team was in need of a leader to take charge this season. Mr. Anderson called upon Dillon as his man. “I’m looking for Vincent, Taylor and Jehan to step up and teach the rest of the team our motto: “Hustle, Leadership, Focus”. Anderson went on to discuss the leadership qualities presented by Vincent last year, and even more so, the progress of his game going from freshman year on to his new role on this ’08-’09 team in his fourth year of BSGE basketball.  Naturally, as any four-year player, Dillon has seen his playing time increase tremendously over the course of his high-school career.
His role as a leader on the team has affected his attitude toward his own game.  “On the court I

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Movie Review: Stepbrothers: A Surprising Success

Will Ferrell’s newest film is a crude comedic adventure. It takes you through the world of two individual characters that stumble upon each other as a result of their parents’ recent marriage. Inappropriate and abrasive humor rages throughout the film, with Ferrell displaying some unnecessary imagery towards the middle of the 98-minute spectacle.
With the (tremendous lack of) success achieved by “Semi-Pro” and “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”, “Step-Brothers“ has to be viewed with low expectations. When done so, the film soars; it’s rude and raunchy humor make the viewer unexpectedly laugh in hysterics. The never-stay-positive attitude quickly deteriorates as Ferrell and Reily immediately jump into their senseless antics.
The co-actors John C. Reily and Will Ferrell team up again, as they did in Talladega Nights, to make the audience gasp in disbelief and roll in the aisles in glee.
Just remember; go in thinking it’ll be the worst movie ever.

by Daniel F '10

Editorial: Follow Up to “The Rise and Fall of BSGE”

Just under a year ago, the BaccRag published my initial article based on the progression of BSGE, “The Rapid Rise and Fall of BSGE.”
Since that controversial article in November of ’07, the school has seen 19 IB Diploma recipients; no previous grade had been able to accomplish 10. Those students have gone on to colleges such as Yale, Boston College and Delaware. More than half of the ’07 graduating class received at least a partial scholarship, with one student, Tatiana Lam Lo, receiving a full scholarship to Yale University.
The most recent MYP graduates have achieved the highest rate of 7’s on

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Prom 2008

Prom is an annual
event in schools all
across the nation, but it
never seems to lose its
spunk among the faculty
and students. It’s an event
that reflects on the accomplishments
of the students
graduating from high
school and gives them the
opportunity to say goodbye
to their classmates a
final time in a special way.
This year’s prom was no

by Daniel F '10

Boys Baseball Working on Their Sting

Who says BSGE doesn’t have sports? The
school known which originated
just six years ago,
known for serving IB standard
education, now holds
four established sports:
Boys Basketball, Girls
Basketball, Girls Softball
and Boys Baseball. While

by Daniel F '10

BSGE Meets Holocaust Survivors

This past Wednesday, the en­tire sophomore class, as well as the senior Theory of Knowledge class, had the oppor­tunity to sit and learn from a man who has experienced more than any of us can ever imagine. John Ranz, at the age of 88, is a liv­ing Holocaust survivor, as well as a teacher, so­cial activist and author. Ranz was brought in by Mark Wolov, BSGE’s 10th grade Humanities teacher to lecture about his personal experi­ences as a survivor as well as his opinion on what our youth needs to do to assure that the horrors of the 20th century don’t repeat themselves.

Ranz, who spoke slowly through­out the lecture, stressed the importance of racism; how it

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Drink to This

Though it may not be relevant to middle school students, high school kids are slowly developing a national plea to lower the drinking age down to 18, rather than the age of 21 which it is right now.
Though this argument of lowering the drinking age by 3 years hasn’t been heard very loudly as of now, expect to feel some commotion as time passes on through 2008, with much of this movement coming from the west coast and advancing to us quite rapidly.
With several major news groups already covering this story, the news is