by Dr. Mandler

An Excerpt from John Doe’s Introduction to Myself, and How I Narrowed My Goals

Ever since I was a little
child, I have always wanted
to fly on the back of a
dragon. I vividly recall the
first time I’d ever had this
dream: it was in summer
camp and I, with my little
camp mates, was sitting
next to the big nightly fire,
roasting marshmallows. As
the flames danced upon the
wood, I envisioned a dragon

by Dr. Mandler

Dr. Mandler’s Two Cents

As a first-year teacher at BSGE, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my new school has a student-run newspaper that publishes frank and uncensored articles by its students on a regular basis. More than that, it has been really heartening to see that most students in the school eagerly read some of the articles written by its journalists, some of whom are not afraid to masquerade as my tenth-grade English students during the day. Without directly responding to any previously-published observations on the quality of the school, I’d like to offer my own in way of a little story.
Just after I finished tenth grade in Budapest, Hungary, my family decided to