by Emily D '11

The Story of the Midnight Cult

Once upon a time in a magical place called New York lived 2 boys, Richie Pineda and Kris Kesoglides. They were friends and had the same goal, they wanted to be musicians. But they were teenagers and had no starting place.
Then one day in school they saw a flyer for an upcoming concert called Rock the House. The guys realized that this was their big break. Kris had a not so secret obsession with the Killers. This led them to the song they’d play:

by Emily D '11

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment, embarrassment, or torment using a website like Facebook or instant messenger. Unlike other forms of harassment, cyber bullying is not illegal in the state of New York, cyber bullies can just walk away. The thing that makes cyber bullying a major problem is that the bully can do it secretly. So even if there were laws to stop them, you might never find the person to stop.
People might do it to stand up for themselves or their friends, that’s why Argina Girsang a ninth grader at BSGE did it to a girl who was harassing her friend. Other times it is meant as a joke, sometimes kids sign on

by Emily D '11

Debate Team Rocks Crowne Plaza BQ Banquet

On Sunday, May 18, 2008 the BSGE debate team headed off to the end of the year banquet at the Crowne Plaza in Time Square. The awards started with the debater of the year.  It was given to a political campaign manager who was also once a debater. Then we moved on to the rising star awards, given to debaters who showed potential to be great. The speaking awards were given out and one was given to the varsity debaters Jehan Sham and Latisha Harris, and the novice debaters Daranee N. and Rudy Fuzaylov. Team awards were given to Erika Tannor and Marcelo Jimenez, and Daranee N. and Rudy Fuzaylov. At the end of the night after all the awards were given out, they announced who would receive the scholarships to debate camp, and the recipients were…Erika, Latisha Harris and Daranee N.. All of them will attend the Baltimore debate camp this summer. – by Emily Davis

by Emily D '11

Debate Team is Beast

Last week
four teams from the
Baccalaureate Debate
team headed to
Albany for the 2008
debate state championships.
The teams
that headed to Albany
were Daranee
and Rudy, Jehan and
Latisha, Erica and
Marcelo, and Jolijt