by Evan B '10

Evan Badler’s Graduation Speech

Hello Principal Johnson, staff, students and parents; I’m very glad to see everyone here today.  Thank you all for coming.  I’d also like to thank our graduating class for giving me this opportunity, and I hope I fulfill your every expectation.
In order to really capture the essence of our time at BSGE, I’m going to tell two relatively brief stories; ones that I hope will truly express how I feel about my fellow graduates of 2010.
In our 10th grade year, just about three years ago, the majority of us had finally finished our personal projects, presentations and all.  Walking out of the dance room where I had discussed my project, a few of my friends and I were totally relieved.  “I’m so glad it’s over” came out of a dozen mouths, and, I must say, we felt like we

by Evan B '10

Chris Potter: Quite the Crusader

Mr. Chris Potter, current English and Theory of Knowledge teacher, is a former Holy Cross collegiate basketball player.

First things first: who offered you scholarships to come play for their schools?
No that many in the end . . . I whittled down the schools that I was not interested in and that were actively recruiting me . . . Holy Cross, Fordham, North Carolina.  I was recruited, although they don’t offer scholarships, by both Princeton and Brown.

A few of those names definitely stick out—so why Holy Cross?
I had an interest in going to Holy Cross before the whole recruiting process started.  When it came right down it, I thought I might as well use the scholarship opportunity to go to a school I really want to go to anyway.

You are certainly a tall man at 6’4”, but players today are even bigger. How do you think the game has changed over the years?
When I look at the current game, I just see, physically, the differences in terms of body building . . . When I played, the general body type was very tall and thin.  You have to be so much stronger today; in the 70s that wasn’t a requirement.

Today’s game is full of athleticism—ever had the privilege of dunking on somebody?
In college I only dunked the ball once, and that was on a fast break.  I wasn’t a great leaper to begin with . . . But I’ve never felt the humiliation of having someone dunk on me.

What was your most memorable moment in college?
When I was a junior, Holy Cross was in the

by Evan B '10

Editorial: Beyond Partisan Conflict

Work hard.  Stay in school.  Go to college.  All sound advice coming from a parent, a friend, or a teacher.  But from the President of the United States?  Barack Obama’s address delivered these messages to the students of America, and was broadcast, live, in classrooms nationwide.  Despite the speech holding “no political influence”, according to the accompanying White House press release, President Obama’s address was met with strongly-worded criticism across the country.
Objections to the President’s speech ranged from the radical to the cautious.  Of the documented protests, Jim Greer’s, Florida’s GOP chairman, was the most extreme, and therefore the most prominent among the general media.  In his immediate response to the speech, he claimed to be “absolutely appalled that taxpayer