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Fantasy Sports in BSGE

Sports enthusiasts frantically grab their computers awaiting their turn to snag the best possible player to build a championship worthy team. From fantasy basketball to fantasy auto racing, people around the world can take part in these Fantasy Sports and compete against their friends. As avid fans of their preferred sport, participants can preserve the comfort of their lounge chair, while feeling as involved as any sports manager.


Fantasy Sports are games in which people act as owners and build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by the real players on professional sport teams. The basic parameters for competing in a typical fantasy league like basketball and football are quite simple.

by Garett Taub '18 by Luke M '18

Open Mic Night: Poets in the Making

Third Place Winners
Second Place Winner
First Place Winner











Pauline Phan

Zoe  Fisher

Ide Kafexhiu

Kacey Lang

Camilla Khan

Kohen Rahman and Nibras Islam

Stacey Xue



1st: Ide Kafexhiu

2nd: Pauline Phan

3rd: Kohen Rahman and Nibras Islam

by Garett Taub '18

Schools in Lock Down: Safety Drills to Keep Students Secure

On December 6th 2013, BSGE had their first lockdown drill.  BSGE, along with many other schools, decided to implement these drills in order to prepare for emergencies during which intruders, such as armed gunmen, trespass onto school premises. On the 6th, Ms. Johnson announced over the loud-speaker, “We are now in soft lockdown.” This signaled that students and teachers were supposed to go to the part of the room where someone in the hallways could not see them. To further protect the class, safety shields were put up over the glass windows on the door in order to prevent the intruder from seeing into the windows on the doors. During soft lockdown, all the classroom doors and exterior building doors are locked. Any visitors at BSGE are asked to